Buffer, Tweetdeck and analytics – what I learned during work experience at Status Social

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Buffer, Tweetdeck and analytics – what I learned during work experience at Status Social

Looking for a job in social media? Status Social is always looking for its next talented members of staff. One method we use to find potential new employees is through internships and work experience. Landau Forte student Richard Frost carried out work experience with Status Social. Here are his thoughts on his week…

“Over the past week, I have been doing work placement at Status Social and have found the experience very interesting. I have learned about how businesses should use social media and why they should be using it.

I have learned about things such as scheduling tweets, through the use of the Buffer app and Tweetdeck and I now understand the purpose of what businesses do on social media too.

I kept a log of all the things I did while at Status Social which helped me keep track of everything I learned during my stay.

I have learned how events are run on Twitter and how social media can be used to attract potential customers. I also learned from observation how Status Social discover who could be a potential attendee at an event and who would not. For example, for the Derby Beer Festival the team would look for people who were interested in beer who are not too far from Derby, then tweet them to try and get them to come.

WAYI have also seen a side to social media that I have never seen before such as Twitter Analytics. I never knew you could find out how many people have been viewing your tweets over certain periods of time. I learned about this when I wrote my report on Status Social’s Twitter Analytics. This helps a business see what does well on Twitter and what doesn’t. This allows them to streamline their social media content to make it as good as possible.

Overall, my time at Status Social was very interesting as I learned about all kinds of things about social media and the business use of it. It was very eye-opening and now I know how to use social media most effectively for a business. I understand the tactics used by businesses on social media to gain a following of customers and potential customers.”

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