Why Your Business Should Be More Entertaining On Social Media.

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Why Your Business Should Be More Entertaining On Social Media.

“It’s OK for you to make fun videos, you’re a social media agency!”

We hear this a lot. And while it’s true that it IS good for us to publish lighter content, it’s OK for you to do it too.

Status Social has always taught that the first word of ‘social media’ is the most important. Social.

And why do people go on social media in the first place?

To find 4 primary things: entertainment, value, inspiration and education.

So, if that’s broadly why people are on social media, what content is your business showing them?

Facebook post example

This isn’t entertaining or inspiring, and provides neither education or value!

Let’s just focus on entertainment for a moment.

No matter what your business is, you can show your personality! OK, so your company’s product may not be the most exciting thing in the world. You’re not the only organisation facing this challenge. However, your company is run by people, who ARE exciting and interesting, so use them.

People posts are always the most successful on social media. Look at the top ten Instagram posts of all time – you’ll see that seven of them are baby-related and 9 out of 10 have a person in them. In other words, it’s the human touch. None of them are product related, and even though they’re posted by people who have something sell, they don’t mention their product at all.

The fact that the most liked post on Instagram is just an egg actually reinforces how popular an entertaining post is!

So many companies focus on the ‘media’ word in social media as if it were just another platform or channel to market their product and sell. But social media is ‘social’ first and so it’s inherently people-focused.

Some of our most popular posts at Status Social have nothing to do with our services, or even social media.

We recently celebrated our 8th birthday and so we decided to have an 8 year old’s birthday party! What followed was a lot of silly fun eating cake, wearing party hats and blowing trumpets. There were party poppers, pass the parcel, musical statues, musical chairs and loads of other complete nonsense.

Another time, we simply wanted to create some fun videos that were for no other purpose than being entertaining, so we spent a few hours in total making a ping-pong trick shot video in our studio.

These videos have had thousands of views and we’ve even had representatives from a national supermarket chain say they want to work with us after seeing how much we value having fun at work! Who knew a ridiculous video of us just having fun would result in a significant lead for the business?!

Now, you don’t have to make trick shot videos or act like children in your content, but simply highlighting the fun side of your team members will work wonders for your company’s personality brand, and also help your sales. Why? Because in the end, people buy from people.

Facebook post biscuits

This post about biscuits has nothing to do with our services, but certainly gets people talking which helps our broader social media goals.

So have a think – what’s happening in the office today? Who’s birthday is coming up? What’s the plan for Easter or Christmas? There’s so much fun to be had on social media!

Jamie Cernik Head of Social Media ManagementJamie Cernik is the Head of Social Media Management at Status Social. He and his team generate amazing results for our clients every day using social media. Get in touch if you’d like to talk to Jamie or another of our social media consultants.





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