What To Do When You’ve Run Out Of Social Media Ideas

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What To Do When You’ve Run Out Of Social Media Ideas

“We’ve got nothing to post about!” 

We hear this a lot, and we understand the pressures people face in generating fresh, interesting content. It can be tough! But it really doesn’t have to be…

You see, ‘social media’ is an interesting term in itself. There are two words; ‘social’ and ‘media’.

What often happens when a business decides to post content on social channels is that they tend to focus on one of those two words.

And it isn’t the first one.

Many businesses focus on the word ‘media’. As a result social media platforms get used by business as avenues to spam people with their graphics, marketing, logos and offers.

It’s like sending out digital leaflets.

Yaaawn. Boring.

Social media is different. It’s social! It’s ALL about people!

Run Out Of Social Media Ideas baby yawn

Babies hate boring social media content

Don’t be like Argos

The magical thing about social media is that you can often achieve more with a video shot in the moment on your iPhone, than with an expensive professional video production about a product.

Let’s be honest, companies treat social media like their own digital version of the Argos catalogue.

What they should be doing is trying to talk with their followers. Posts should be fun, interesting, funny, chatty, inspirational, or give people valuable info if they want to be popular and engaging on social media. They need to throw out (somewhat) the standardised branding and stiff corporate image and be, well – NORMAL.

We should talk on social media like we would talk in a pub, your home, a party. Not like you would in some presentation pitch to an investor. And incredibly a huge number of businesses just don’t get it.

Stop talking about yourself

And to add another plot twist, you shouldn’t even be talking about your product all the time either. So then, what do we talk about?


Show off your people. Mention their achievements, their quirks, what makes them great.

I’ll give you an example.

I was talking to general managers at a national leisure centre chain. They were getting barely any engagement on their Facebook posts, and it was clear to see why.

Run Out Of Social Media Ideas dog yawn

Even this dog is bored of your social media content

Pretty much all of the posts were just boring stock images or primary-coloured infographics. So dull. They were saying to me things like “But how do I make a post about the price of goggles interesting? Some things just have to be boring don’t they??”

“NO!!” I lovingly and tenderly(!) replied.

“How about instead you get the pair of goggles you want to sell, put them on your general manager along with a swim hat and take a funny photo of him. Make him the focus of the writing and mention the price of the goggles at the end.”

“LOL” was the reply.

Heads began exploding all over the place as they were already thinking of other funny things they could do to present otherwise dull things in an entertaining way.

It’s not rocket science, it’s more about looking at different ways of presenting things. If you’re looking for engagement on your posts then you need to post content which understands the reasons people engage in the first place.

They do so if the post is entertaining, inspirational or adding value.

If you choose at least one of those categories for your otherwise dull post then you’ll turn it into something engaging.

ideas for social media boy asleep (c) Mark Saxby, Status Social

This teenager fell asleep while looking at your social media content

Would you engage with your own social media?

Want another example? This same group I was talking to asked about inspirational posts and how to do them.

I replied that if you take gym memberships as an example, you’re more likely to get traction on your posts (and actually sell gym memberships) if instead of sharing an infographic that just shows the cost per month, share a story of a member who has battled against the odds and achieved a personal fitness goal.

That could be an elderly person getting fit again, a disabled person fighting against their difficulties and achieving a goal, a person losing weight, a person gaining muscle, anything that shows an actual real-life person in YOUR gym getting it done. THAT will achieve so much more for sales than traditional selling.

So the answer to my title question?

Stop thinking just about your product, use your people, and add an entertaining, inspirational or value-added perspective.

If you’d like help creating engaging social media content then talk to us!

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