What Makes a Great Landing Page?

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What Makes a Great Landing Page?

Want to increase the chances of potential clients converting when they come to your website?

When running a social media campaign designed to encourage traffic to your site, it’s incredibly important to have a plan of what you would like visitors to do when they get there.

The “landing page” is the first page they’ll see. The page they’ll “land on” when they first come to your website.

What will be your objective be when they do so?

Do you want them to sign up to an event? Buy a product? Sign up to a newsletter? Book a call?


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Will your landing page encourage them to do so?

We often have to warn potential social media advertising clients that their landing page is not fit for purpose.

Now we’re not experts on websites – we specialise in social media and social media alone (that’s one of the reasons why we’re special) but we are good friends with guys who do know a thing about landing pages.

For the past three years we have been working with Nottingham search engine experts, Impression, and when we need to advise clients on landing pages, we’re happy to say they have some great resources.

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So if you want to find out what makes a great landing page then check out the below links. And then come back to us to see how social media can get your potential clients and customers to your website in the first place!

3 steps to designing a successful landing page

What makes a good landing page?

Learn more about Status Social’s social media advertising campaigns.

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