The end of Status Social?

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The end of Status Social?

Could nine years of Status Social be about to go down the drain?

Two weeks into lockdown and things were looking serious, writes director and co-founder Mark Saxby.

Two of our biggest clients said they needed to pause their accounts – one of them immediately. Another two clients gave us a month’s notice. Another sent a round robin to all its suppliers saying not all of them were going to be paid.

Nobody was going to be booking our face-to-face social media workshops.

If this continued, we were going to be in trouble.

It was unnervingly uncertain. What was the future of Status Social? Did it have a future? Could it survive COVID-19?

We worked from our Friar Gate office for as long as we could, until we felt that it was no longer possible. We didn’t want to break up the team and neither did they.

Saying goodbye to team members

When we said goodbye for the last time in the car park, our vehicles loaded with PCs, swivel chairs and office plants, it all felt very emotional. Five days later, lockdown was announced so it was the right decision.

We didn’t hold anything back from the team. They knew we were taking financial hit after financial hit. When Kerry and I recognised the only way to secure the business’s future was to furlough two of the team, we acted swiftly.

That was a hard day. In the morning we shared the bad news. Nobody wanted to go but they totally understood they needed to make a sacrifice for the team. One of the Status Social values is Teamwork – of course they understood.

It still wasn’t easy to see our morning Zoom calls have fewer and fewer windows.

Worst case scenerio

“What’s the worst that could happen?” I asked Kerry. And, loosely quoting Tim Ferris: “The business could be liquidated, we won’t be able to pay our mortgage, we may have to move in with your mum, I’d have to work in Tesco.

“So what’s the worst that could happen?”

And when I read the horrors taking place in our hospitals and care homes, I remembered a whole lot worse was happening to others.

Social Media Training over ZoomThen a ray of light. We started to get enquiries again. And then sales. Organisations still wanted us to manage their social media. We got our online training offer sorted and sessions were booked.

Perhaps we would be OK? In fact, could we even thrive in a crisis? After all, Status Social began life in a recession and got through that.

Now, several weeks on, we know we’ll more than survive. All the hard work we’ve put into building our reputation over the past nine years is paying off. The marketing we’ve done is paying dividends. When COVID-19 hit, most companies reduced their marketing – we were in a great place to ramp it up.

Five weeks into the crisis, we received the highest number of enquiries we’d ever had in one week. The sales started coming in. The tide had been turned.

Nine years of hard work going down the drain? No, I think we’re going to be all right after all.

Find out more about Status Social and what we do.

Read about our offer for furloughed workers.


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  1. Paul Rolling

    That’s brilliant. I’m so pleased for you. It’s not all bad news and some positives have come out of it.

    Well done 👍🏻

  2. Stuart Palmer

    Well written as usual. Thanks for sharing. Inspiring.

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