Sophie Lands Dream Job After Rejection

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Sophie Lands Dream Job After Rejection

Never give up!

Two years ago Sophie Wright applied for a job at Status Social but wasn’t successful.

She made it to the final interview stage but we felt that she just wasn’t ready to work with us.

We could see she had huge potential and offered her work experience so we could help her gain in confidence.

Fast forward to 2020 and Sophie applied to work at Status Social – Social Media With Results again.

And what a different Sophie she was!

Sophie Wright - social media manager at Status Social

Sophie climbing Mam Tor in the Derbyshire Peak District


After being unsuccessful in our process Sophie landed herself a job as digital account executive at a Derbyshire PR agency, working on big projects for important clients.

Following that valuable experience, and a determination to re-invent herself, she was more confident, assured and, what’s more, out-performed every candidate in the interview tasks!

So if you’ve been unsuccessful so far in securing the job of your dreams, be more Sophie and don’t give up!

If you’d like to work with Sophie and the other members of our fabulous social media management team, then get in touch.


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