Social Media Is Just Like Jazz

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Social Media Is Just Like Jazz

Our strategy for Twitter is just like jazz: Sprawling and rhythmic with lots of room for improvisation.

And just like jazz, it might take a while to get going, but once it’s in full swing, it’s immensely rewarding.

Before you read any further, please listen to this 1975 performance by Miles Davis. It’s 45 minutes long, but we can wait:

Finished? Good, wasn’t it?

There’s a lot going on in this performance. Miles and his band get busy, and they take the music to some very strange places. But if you were to break down the music to its basic elements, you’ll reveal quite a simple structure.

Essentially, the rhythm section lays down a groove which, in this case, lasts for 45 minutes. It morphs and bends over the course of the composition, but it never lets up in its intensity. And crucially, it never stops.

This groove gives grounding. It acts as a solid foundation over which Miles and a few other players can improvise around certain chord progressions. Again, their playing can get a little weird, but thanks to the rhythm section’s grounding, the performance never falls apart.

Miles Ahead – How to Use Twitter Like a Jazz Master

Now, we’re not saying that our strategy for the Status Social Twitter account is exactly like Miles’s performance. But there are some similarities.

Recently, we significantly boosted the amount of times we tweet per day. We used to tweet between five and 12 times a day. Now it’s never anything less than 39 times a day.

Yep, every single day, 39 tweets are sent out – roughly one every half an hour between 06:00 and 23:00. We use software to automate the process, and this essentially means that no matter what we do, and no matter where we go, we can rest assured that at least 39 tweets will be posted.

This is our rhythm section. It’s basically links to the sort of core services and evergreen content on our site that will always be relevant.

Meanwhile, we use Buffer to schedule more time-sensitive content – posts about upcoming events and campaigns, for example. We also use Twitter’s native publishing tools to post more ad-hoc tweets about… well, anything at all. Cakes in the office. Interesting signs we see on our travels. Funny birds that land on our windowsill.

This is us improvising based on certain melodies and chord progressions. If you will, the melodies are our values, and the chord progressions are our ongoing campaigns.

Social Media is Like Jazz


So why is our social media strategy like jazz? Because no matter what happens, there’s always the grounding. For long jazz performances, the grounding is the rhythm. For us, it’s that daily schedule of 32 tweets.

And because of this grounding, we’re free to improvise. We can tweet about new things, strange things, funny things, or whatever else takes our fancy – all without worrying about compromising our core Twitter goals.

This grounding also means that, if we get too busy, we don’t have to worry about our Twitter feed going quiet.

The Other Reason Why Social Media is Like Jazz

Because only the coolest of people dig it.

Just kidding. It’s because it favours the patient. Those willing to put in the effort will see the richest rewards.

Before we introduced our new Twitter strategy, our tweets were being seen by around 40,000 a month.

Now that we’re approaching Twitter like a virtuoso jazz performance, our tweets are being seen more than 100,000 times a month. In terms of reach, we’ve seen a rise of nearly 100%! And clicks to our website have gone from an average of two a day to 20!

Social media and jazz

So if you want to significantly boost your reach and your brand awareness on Twitter, think like Miles Davis.

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