Social Media Is a Fabulous Tool for Connecting Journalists with Stories

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Social Media Is a Fabulous Tool for Connecting Journalists with Stories

Social media networks like Twitter and LinkedIn give us easy access to reporters and editors. We can build relationships with them, making it much more likely they will be interested in covering our stories.

This is particularly true when it comes to journalists working for the national press or broadcasters. They are more contactable than ever before.

But how do you use social media to get journalists to come to YOU when they want someone to comment on a story?

Elaine Greenwood is a light rail expert. She’s worked on the London Docklands Light Railway, Manchester Metrolink and Blackpool Transport. She’s a true expert with more than 20 years of experience at train makers Bombardier, DB and Stadler Rail.

When we worked with Elaine and her colleagues at DB on their LinkedIn profile, we naturally wanted to make the most of their skills to help them attract valuable leads. We optimised their profiles so they could be found by someone looking for their type of expertise – not just within LinkedIn but on Google too.

In short, we made it more likely that Elaine’s profile would get discovered. However, it still came as a surprise to her when the BBC came calling one day.

Watch or read her story:


The LinkedIn workshop was really interesting and helpful. It taught us how to get the best out of the site regarding business and personal use. I certainly didn’t know a lot about LinkedIn before the workshop so it was helpful for that reason.

When helping me with my profile, Status Social were kinder than I would have been with myself. They insisted that I used the word “expert”. I was not so keen on that title because I wouldn’t have considered myself an expert, but I believe in hindsight they were probably right.

After twenty years in light rail I would consider myself an expert on the subject. And because my profile said “light rail expert”, I received a call from BBC Look North who wished for my opinion in writing an article about the implementation of a new tram project in Hull.

From there my details were passed on to someone else, and I soon received a call from BBC Radio Derby. They invited me to an interview which would appear on Radio Hull (Humberside) the following morning.

It was an exciting experience from which I received a lot of publicity. Whether that is good or bad I don’t know! But it all started with a LinkedIn workshop…

Most businesses that take our social media training go on to achieve exciting things.

Who knows what sort of great things could be in store for you after your workshop? 

Whatever the case, your journey will start with a single phone call! For a free quote and a friendly chat about social media training, contact us today on 01332 776 910 or 0115 824 8242.

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