Should Social Media Experts Wear Ties?

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Should Social Media Experts Wear Ties?

“Why do you wear a tie, Mark?”

“Surely those in the creative industry don’t wear ties anymore?”

It’s a great question and while many are losing their ties, I’m not taking mine off just yet.

It wasn’t always this way – when me and my business partner created Status Social in 2011 we never wore ties.

But after a couple of years it became more and more apparent that our clients were mostly in the business-to-business sector and often in industries where ties were commonplace. Those who we were talking to were usually managing directors or CEOs – they were still wearing ties.

Status Social Mark Saxby Tie Wearing Social Media Expert


I also felt it right to distinguish myself from the competition. Lots of social media businesses were being set up in bedrooms by youngsters who thought it a cool thing to do. They certainly didn’t wear ties!

Status Social Tie Wearing Social Media Experts


Tie-m to lose the tie?

So does a tie stop me and our tie-wearing team getting business?

Clearly, I’ll never really know that for sure but it seems to me that building rapport with a client and showing genuine interest in their business can overcome any tie-aversion! And with Status Social continuing to lead the way when it comes to social media done professionally and with results, our ties are definitely here to stay!

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Mark Saxby is a director at Status Social, a tie-wearing social media agency which puts getting results before the latest fashion trends.

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