Is there a direct link between social media and sales?

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Is there a direct link between social media and sales?

“We picked up a five figure new contract through LinkedIn within a week of Status Social’s training.”
The words of Don Powell from Certax Accounting in Derby. Yet is there really a direct link between social media and increased sales? What did Don do that was so powerful and effective?

This article appears in the latest issue of Agenda magazine.

Don followed our advice and rewrote his LinkedIn profile to make it findable on Google – and a potential client found him.

Sometimes social media marketing can be as simple as optimising your social media presence and then knowing how to respond when people get in contact with you. But there are many ways to use social media to drive sales.

Blogging can be one of the most effective social media tools available – our blog about the use of social media by the Williams Formula 1 team generated 600 hits in just 24 hours. The following day we had an enquiry from a Formula 1 sports management team in California asking for social media training.

Getting past the gatekeeper

The ability to get past gatekeepers is another way social media can be powerful. One of our clients in the insurance sector was repeatedly fobbed off by a potential customer’s personal assistant. So instead he turned to LinkedIn, contacted the director directly, and got his business that way.

Visit Cleethorpes social mediaStatus Social runs the social media for the Visit Cleethorpes brand, primarily using Facebook, Twitter and blogging. The tourist trade in the resort has recorded increased trade through the social media campaign – hotels have seen new bookings and more people have turned up for events.

As one fan tweeted: “If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have known about the Sea View Street Christmas shopping nights despite living two blocks away!”

How to be successful

Director of Status Social Kerry Saxby says the success stories have one thing in common – a knowledge of how to use social media well.

“If you want to be successful with your social media, getting training is vital. We believe that for most businesses, they can run their own social media effectively if they have the knowledge.

“There are some who want to outsource but if you do that, make sure there is a strong strategy with your target audience at the heart of everything you do.

“Do we believe there a direct link between social media and increased sales? Absolutely!”

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