Post Like You’re in The Pub

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Post Like You’re in The Pub

Ah, pubs… remember them?

The comforting, reassuring throng of cheery folk, the banter, the discussions, the opinions… the humans…. writes guest blogger, Richard Pettinger.

Oh, and the dazzling array of optics and beer taps that gave you such a delicious choice of experiences, allowing you to pick your tipple to suit your mood…

Remember your ‘crowd’? The ones with troubles, the ones with triumphs, those with tips, and those with needs. The opinionated ones, and those who wanted to learn and share. Such a rich and useful source of information and perspective… and there’s always that newbie, coming to the bar for the first time…

Ah yes, I’m sure you remember. I do.

Ever thought just how similar today’s social media outlets are to those fond old days of the ‘local’?

Throwing a Social Media Arm

Especially in these extraordinary times, and in the absence of true personal contact, more and more people are turning to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and so many other portals, to keep in touch with both friends and businesses. And in turn, businesses are recognising just how important these elements are in the maintenance of a dialogue with both clients and new prospects.

Social media in pubsEven before the Current Unpleasantness, any businesses (or business individuals) worth their salt knew just how important an effective and consistent Social Media presence was to the preservation and progression of their enterprise.

And this remains as true today as it’s ever been, with added Resilience and Steely Adaptability!

But recently, Social Media has begun to play a key, specific and even more vital role in both our personal and business lives – a chance to care, to reach out, to check in, to throw a virtual arm around a remote shoulder, and to support each other.

Plonking Yourself Down

In our local, we’ve all noticed when one of the regulars wasn’t their usual self, seemed to be a little quiet, trying too hard, or not trying at all any more. And we knew what to do – plonk ourselves next to them at the bar, and connect. Just connect. Empathise. Can we help? Can we support? Can we listen?

I am blessed with a fairly wide and numerous network of business contacts and friends, and to my knowledge, very few of them have stopped checking their LinkedIn account, or monitoring their Twitter feed regularly, to name just two social media platforms. It stands to reason that a couple of them might not be coping as well as others with the current crazy business environment , both commercially and on a personal level…

Imagine how they might be feeling when they read of the continued success and positivity of others.

Social Media in the pubSo (and here, please remember the personal, reflective nature of this blog…), we are unlikely (I hope) to experience such events again in our lifetime, and things are – and probably will remain – different.

Please do keep posting, advising, promoting, celebrating, opining, offering help, informing, amusing, and helping on as many social media platforms as you can. Now and in the future.

But today, in addition, remember to be considerate, aware that others may not be coping as well as you, empathise, listen, support and above all, BE KIND.

And I’ll see you at the bar very soon!

Richard Pettinger is a copywriter, proofreader and sub-editor. Find out more about him and get in touch via LinkedIn or Twitter.


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  1. Clare

    Great sentiment well expressed.

  2. Richard Pettinger


    Thank you very much!

    The world is changed ( for sure), and we all need to adapt to survive, but it’s so important to remember our humanity and community responsibility. It’s no coincidence that my blog is on the Status Social site, as Mark, Kerry and the team personify this commitment.
    Stay safe and well.

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