How Marketing Derby got to number one on Twitter

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How Marketing Derby got to number one on Twitter

How do you sell a city? Getting businesses to set up in your location, bringing investment and jobs, can be a tough ask. With so many locations to choose from, companies can have their pick and social media can be a powerful weapon when it comes to promoting your city.

So when Marketing Derby was named as the top Twitter users in the field of inward investment in a recent report, it was a vital sign of social media success.

The Breeze UK Inward Investment Social Media Index looked back over 2013 and concluded Marketing Derby’s use of Twitter was the best they had seen:

“Marketing Derby achieved top place thanks to their very high scores across all metrics; good use of retweets, mentions and hashtags; use of pictures and videos in tweets; and the way that they adopt a good balance between informality and professionalism.”

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Status Social began working with Marketing Derby in early 2012, training the team in how to be effective on social media. Digital marketing executive Robbie Jones ran Marketing Derby’s accounts:

Twitter Marketing Derby“Status Social introduced us to different techniques on Twitter which has increased followers and engagement levels. Tweeting images and videos, as well as questions has really boosted our Twitter standing and is something we wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t for Status Social’s ideas.”

75 regional and local investment teams were investigated for the Breeze report, focusing on their use of Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. As well as coming number one on Twitter, Marketing Derby were named third overall for social media use.

Robbie Jones says the key to the success was trying out new things.

“Taking on Status Social’s points, we’ve experimented on all our social media accounts. Trying out different words and phrases, times of posts and post topics – it’s important to keep finding ways of improving your accounts and the learning never stops.”

LinkedIn Marketing DerbyThe Breeze report used a number of metrics when deciding the best Twitter user, including quality of account design, number of followers (weighted against population size), number of followers from the inward investment community, frequency of tweets and amount of engagement.

But what about quantifiable success in bringing in investment for Derby? Robbie Jones says that Marketing Derby are seeing promising signs.

“During our Derby Property Summit in May last year, we worked out the gross audience that saw our tweets topped 2.3 million. In the business we are in, it could take 2-3 years before we see the benefit of doing the show let alone the social media around it!

“As long as we keep spreading the positive vibe about Derby, investment and/or companies will come to the city. Social media has become one of our most vital tools in promoting the city of Derby and telling people just what a good city they live in!”

If you want to know how Status Social can help you with your social media call us on 01332 776910 or email us.


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