How to Make Money on LinkedIn – We Speak to a Businessman Who Made £23,000

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How to Make Money on LinkedIn – We Speak to a Businessman Who Made £23,000

How do you make money on LinkedIn, or on other social media platforms?

We chatted to a local businessman who generated a £23,000 contract using LinkedIn.

Our client was the head of sales and marketing for a manufacturing company. He talked to Status Social’s Mark Saxby about how he turned his LinkedIn training into profit.

Mark Tell me what you’ve done with LinkedIn so far.

Client We’ve done quite a lot. We’ve found it very handy for targeting the sort of people we are interested in, as we sell quite a unique product.

Mark How have you been doing that?

Client By using the “people you might know” and looking at job descriptions that might be of interest. If they are, I send off an invitation to connect.

Mark What success have you had with LinkedIn?

Client After one recent invitation to connect was accepted, I sent off a message thanking him for accepting the request and asking if he would like any information on our products. The next day I received a reply, in which he said he had an upcoming project and he would be very interested. A few phone calls later resulted in receiving a £23,000 order from his contractors carrying out their work.

Mark What are your thoughts looking back on the process?

Client It was very simple because you are just sat at your desk. It was a bit of a surprise because it was the first success we’d had through LinkedIn.

Mark Did you ever think over the last few years, ‘I shouldn’t bother with LinkedIn because it’s not bringing in the results?’

Client No, you can see from the calibre of people I am connecting with; major food manufacturers from this country and people who oversee all the capital projects for those companies. You can see you are connecting with some very important people, so it’s worth persevering with.

Mark Two years ago you had your LinkedIn training – what lessons would you share with others?

Client It worked really well for us, especially because we sell such a niche product. I now see it as a vital tool for our business. I can also see how it would help other business too. It is well worth getting LinkedIn training.

Mark What advice would you give others in the manufacturing sector who want to use LinkedIn?

Client Give it a go, you have nothing to lose. Once you’ve had some training and given it a go, you should see some benefits from it.

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