Now LinkedIn Can Help You Plan Your Life!

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Now LinkedIn Can Help You Plan Your Life!

Shopping in Instagram! Funkier tweets! Better social ads! LinkedIn meeting scheduler!

We’re back with another round up of the latest social media updates.


We’ve compiled a few of the most relevant and helpful new features that are available, so think of this as a one-stop news page to stay ahead of the game!

So without further ado, let’s dive straight into what treats those American tech-giants have drummed up for us this time…

Shopping on Instagram

Do you love Instagram? Do you love to shop? Do you wish you could do both at the same time??

Well now you can actually see a product, choose the product, and check out that product all in the Instagram app.

No more being sent to a company website, it just got easier with it all in one place.

Well, that’s if you’re buying from one of the 23 companies taking part in the initial test of the feature. And if you happen to live in the USA.

But don’t worry, with over a billion users worldwide and countless businesses eager to make use of this feature, we’re sure it won’t be long before it comes to these shores too. More and more people are taking to social media to shop for items, and B2C companies would do well to keep their eye on how this trial goes so they can tap into this engaged market.

Instagram social media shopping

LinkedIn Makes Meetings Easier

Seeing as LinkedIn is focused on making business work better for its users, they are constantly thinking about how to improve its relevance for them. To that end there is a handy new scheduling tool built into the messenger service that lets you pick a time and a place to meet up with someone to network. This is in addition to simply networking in a virtual sense.

The folks at LinkedIn realised there were A LOT of meaningful conversations happening in messenger that often translated into face-to-face business development meetings or interviews. This feature is therefore a powerful follow-on step to messaging that allows you to get to the next stage in networking easily. So rather than coming in and out of LinkedIn to view a separate calendar and having the hassle of jumping to and fro in different tabs (or worse, a real calendar!), you can now set up a meeting place and send over available time-slots for your connection to choose from – all in LinkedIn.

LinkedIn messaging updates

Twitter Gets Snap Happy

It was only a matter of time before Twitter succumbed to the stories feature. Well, sort of.

Twitter has some new camera features in its app that look and feel pretty similar to a story feature while not actually being a story.

Basically, your pictures can now have additional text overlay in a colour of your choice, and your post will feature in the Explore section of the platform.

Why? Because Twitter wants users to be more spontaneous, more in the moment, and to be a hot place for what’s happening all over the world. You can bet that it’ll develop into a full story section in the not-so-distant future. You might want to use this feature to make your tweets stand out more and potentially be seen by people outside of your network.

There’s a long way to go yet to match the imaginative variety of other networks, but it’s a step in the right direction for more creative Tweeters.

Twitter camera features

More Advanced LinkedIn Ads

If you’ve dabbled with adverts in LinkedIn Campaign Manager then you may be excited to hear about the improvements to their ad service.

The classic version of Campaign Manager has been replaced (in beta) with the new.

Along with the four current advert objectives – website visits, engagement, video views, lead generation – you can now choose from the following:

  • Brand Awareness – get more views of your content.
  • Website Conversions – complete a task on your website e.g. submit a form or register for a webinar.
  • Job Applicants – drive recruitment and clicks to job postings.

So, in a nutshell, you can optimise your ads to fit a specific purpose, and you can do it with satisfying specificity! The old LinkedIn ads were quite basic, and as a result not very popular. Facebook has always worn the crown of social advertising with its phenomenal targeting, amazing measurements and value for money, but now LinkedIn has stepped up to the ring as a real challenger. LinkedIn’s dynamic ads are a rather nice development, too. Now your ads can reach an individual with his/her name and profile picture, potentially increasing the likelihood of them clicking to your ad. Dynamic ads can be used to increase your following, recruit for your latest vacancy or send users to a webpage or product.

The interface has been greatly improved so as to make the process easy enough to follow, even if it does mimic Facebook Ads Manager somewhat. Ultimately, if the campaign fits, then LinkedIn ads could be a real option for delivering results.

Share PDFs on Your LinkedIn Newsfeed

You can now post PDFs and presentations in your newsfeed, in a group or to your company page.

The option allows a more creative way of displaying information to your audience, but will people actually use the feature? Time will tell but we must admit, it is a much quicker way of sharing facts, case studies or slides from events and conferences, which could be of added value when networking!



Looking at how many people have viewed or downloaded your PDF will also show the type of content that is of value to your audience.

Could the update be a game changer? We’re testing the feature to find out! See the update for yourself on the Status Social LinkedIn page.

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