How We Took a Marriage Course from 4 to 119 Couples with Facebook

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How We Took a Marriage Course from 4 to 119 Couples with Facebook

The last time St Werburgh’s Church in Derby did their Marriage Course – before the advent of COVID-19 – it attracted four couples.

But recognising the power of digital media and people’s desire to be involved in courses online, they thought they’d try something different.

“The results speak for themselves and we have learnt so much.”

Phil Mann, St Werburgh’s Church

Lead minister Phil Mann approached Status Social asking for help promoting The Marriage Course to couples in and around Derby, whether married or not.

We suggested Facebook advertising for the Holy Trinity Brompton-affiliated church. With its advanced targeting ability and low-cost-per result when done well (i.e. not through boosting a post), it was a clear choice.

The Marriage Course social media marketing

We created a series of ads using videos made by Derby creatives at The Apple Yard, aimed at driving the target audience to a landing page on the St Werburgh’s website, which we’d advised on.

Within two weeks, the adverts produced some amazing results:

– They were seen more than 125,000 times.

42,200 people saw the ads an average of three times each.

– The ads generated 654 clicks through to the landing page with 591 from unique accounts.

– The ads video was watched nearly 22,000 times.

– The average cost-per-click was 42p with the cheapest as low as 28p.

And most importantly of all…

119 couples signed up for the course!

And when asked how the couples had heard of the course, the vast majority said it was through Facebook, with three quarters not being part of the St Werburgh’s congregation.

The campaign was deemed so successful Status Social is now running St Werburgh’s Alpha course Facebook advertising.

Phil Mann said: “We wanted to reach the people of Derby with an invitation to invest in their relationships during lockdown and we knew the best way to do that was through social media, we just didn’t know how.

“So we turned to our friends at Status Social who are the experts at this and asked for their help. The results speak for themselves and we have learnt so much. We will keep using Status Social to get our invitations out.”

If you’d like help getting people to sign up to your online course or event, then you will definitely want to speak to us!

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