How to Sell Your House on Social Media

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How to Sell Your House on Social Media

Struggling to sell your house?

How about doing it over social media? Status Social directors Mark and Kerry Saxby were convinced Facebook could help sell their house.


And they say those struggling to sell their house should turn to social media too.

Mark and Kerry received four offers within a fortnight after using social media to boost views of their semi-detached home in Littleover, Derby.


Littlover House For Sale Facebook Page










They set up a ‘Littleover House for Sale’ Facebook page all about their house and spent £60 on advertising on the network to draw a particular type of person to the page.

“We guessed that aspirational people with junior school aged children would be particularly interested in our house. So we set up a Facebook advert about the house aimed at those people living in and around Derby,” said Mark.

“Our Facebook page was designed to convince our target audience to buy our house. It had a video walk through, lots of photos, information about why it was so good to live in Littleover and a post about how lovely the neighbours are!”

Increase In How Many People See Your House

Nearly ten thousand people became aware of the sale through Facebook and more than 7000 potential house buyers watched the video. More than three hundred people visited the Facebook page. Of the four offers received for the house, two were above the asking price.

selling your house on social media


Although the Saxbys boosted the marketing through Facebook, they teamed up with estate agent, AKS Residential to deal with the sale.

Kerry says they were able to negotiate a more favourable rate because of their social media efforts:

“Although we could see the value of using social media to sell our house more quickly, we also recognised the value of a good estate agent.

“It’s all very well selling a house on social media, it’s a different matter dealing with potential buyers, showing them round the house and ensuring the sale goes smoothly!”

Andrew Sanderson from AKS Residential said that there was no doubt that the Saxbys’ Facebook campaign had an impact on the sale:

“As I was taking potential buyers around the house they were clearly very familiar with it already. It seemed to me many more of them had watched the video on Facebook so they’d already been convinced before they even walked through the front door.

“They didn’t need a second viewing of the house before making an offer – they’d already had multiple viewings on Facebook!”


Reach a Different Audience

Mark and Kerry believe that others should consider using social media to sell their house – particularly if their house has been on the market for some time. Mark said:

“Social media allows you to reach an audience that websites like Rightmove and Zoopla are not. With social media you can find people who aren’t even considering moving. But by putting your property in front of them and giving them the full picture you can tempt them into purchasing your house.”

To find out more about AKS Residential (who the Saxbys say were “brilliant”) then visit their website.

If you would like help using social media to sell your house then get in touch.



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