How to Make your Blogs and Social Media Posts Snappier

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How to Make your Blogs and Social Media Posts Snappier

Waffle, waffle, waffle – just how do you make your social media posts and blogs concise, snappy and effective?

Here are ten top tips from guest blogger, journalist and copywriter Sally Bairstow. And you can be sure, there’s no fluff to be seen…

Stop, think… If it takes too long to write, it’ll take too long to read. Keep posts clear and concise. That way they will work. #Bloggingrulenumberone Always edit what you write.

Time is a precious commodity. Stick to the point. Keep sentences short or use bullet points to emphasise facts.

Adjectives may add colour but do not overuse and keep to task. Don’t bold/underline too much – simply highlight what’s important.

No, no to repetition. Just keep asking yourself, ‘Is this relevant?’

Information overload is difficult to digest so if it’s info heavy, create a separate post or add links to ‘read more’.

Mini Pinocchios (c) Mark Saxby 2020

Pinocchio overload – almost as bad as information overload

Always remember your audience. Tone of voice is critical. (Read: Tone of Voice for Social Media – One Tone to Rule Them All?)

Abbreviate where you can and change the rhythm of writing to ease and speed the reader through your message.

See blogs as a way to build a business relationship. Don’t give everything away in the first post, tempt readers to come back for more information, more services, more product news. (NB ‘The Lord of the Rings’ was too much for just one book.)

Exercise caution, less is more. It’s not just a saying, it’s a fact. It’s effective blogging.

An editor’s principal hack: Is it necessary? No? Press delete.

PS This post was 357 words (now it’s 224)

Sally Bairstow Sally Bairstow is an experienced Leicester-based journalist and copywriter. She specialises in SMEs and start ups, brewing, pubs, food and drink, and supporting Midlands-based companies. Get in touch with Sally.

If you’d like to use blogging to generate leads or website traffic for your business, let’s chat!

Waffle photo by DCWG from FreeImages.
Pinocchio photo (c) Mark Saxby 2020

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