How To Get Your Business into the News Using Social Media

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How To Get Your Business into the News Using Social Media

Just how do you get journalists to notice your business stories – by using social media, of course!

Many business owners and marketers forget that journalists are people and social media is perfect for building relationships with them. After all, the key word in ‘social media’ is not ‘media’!

Status Social director, Mark Saxby, spoke to an online audience of business leaders and delegates from the charity sector about how to make the headlines. As a former BBC and ITV journalist, Mark is in the perfect position to tell the story from both sides – what it’s like to be approached by businesses, and what it’s like to build relationships with journalists as a business owner.

Mark began by describing how to use social media to engage with reporters…

Sometimes, we don’t want to make the news! So how can you prevent a social media storm? What do you have to do to ensure you can calm down a reputation management issue on social media before it becomes too big? PR specialist Louise Third, MBE, had that question for Mark…

Mark’s answers were part of a longer webinar with Louise, who leads Integra Communications. You can watch the whole event, including Louise’s amazing advice on how to use PR to make the news on our Status Social YouTube channel.

If you’d like to learn how to use social media to build relationships then get in touch.


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