How Often Should You Post on LinkedIn?

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How Often Should You Post on LinkedIn?

“You post on LinkedIn a lot!”

Two people have told me that in the last week but do you know… it’s not true, writes Status Social director Mark Saxby.

I actually post about three times a week. But when I do, I take the time to construct a post which will work well with the LinkedIn newsfeed algorithm.

I also ensure the post is relevant and will provide value to my followers.

I take great care in the way that I write it – both in terms of the words I use, the order of the sentences, and the paragraph spacing.

I only post on days and at times when I know my audience is most likely to see it, so it has the best chance of success.

I respond to every comment that I receive and I analyse who’s liked/reacted to the post.

Finally, I analyse the results, what worked and didn’t work. And I ensure I learn from my good and not-so-good posts.

And through this technique, more people see my posts than ever before!

If you’d like to be taught how to write dynamic LinkedIn posts that actually get seen by your target audience then get in touch.

How often should I post on LinkedIn Mark Saxby?Mark Saxby is a director at Status Social and generates an average of 2-3 leads a week for Status Social through LinkedIn. His social media management team generate scores of leads through LinkedIn for Status Social’s many clients.

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