How Being Social Could Help You Through The Coronavirus

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How Being Social Could Help You Through The Coronavirus

Which is the most important word in the phrase ‘Social Media’?

Here’s a clue – it’s not ‘media’. If you want to be more successful on social media, you need to be more, well…social!

Let’s start by understanding that while social media often falls under the banner of digital marketing, it really is completely different.

Marketing, traditionally, has always been about making sure your potential buyers see your product and your company as much as possible. It includes posters, TV ads and leaflets through the door.

The focus is the product and the branding.

The thing is, this approach doesn’t work for social media. If a company makes every one of its posts about its product, it’s the equivalent of dropping leaflets through the door of a total stranger.

Social media requires a different way of thinking.

Marketers are generally invading a non-business space with their company and product. Just about all social channels were created for individuals to socialise on, so a traditional marketing approach will not wash because the users are just not on there to be sold to.

Masked cafe owner stands guard in Florence (c) Mark SaxbyThink of it like this: So many householders in the UK throw away the leaflets that come through their door. Some even have signs on their front door that say “no sales people”. The reason is clear – the home is a personal and social space, and sales people and leaflets are an unwanted invasion of this space.

Because social channels are relational and personal, a business needs to reflect this in its approach if it wants to succeed.

Remember, nobody cares about your product or branding as much as you do.

In order to be more social you have to view your content and actions as part of the process of building a friendship. First off, you might want to stop mentioning your product so much.

I get it, you’re thinking, “if I don’t post about our product then people won’t buy from us!”.

They will. They really will.

In fact, they might even buy more, and you might get more followers to boot. Once you build a real community among your followers you’ll start to see some of your followers become advocates of your business. You’ll never achieve that unless you start talking TO them rather than AT them.

We’ve trained literally thousands of people in how to use social media the way it was meant to be used so if you want to explore how we could help you on this journey then get in touch.

This article by Status Social’s Jamie Cernik first appeared on the Shapcotts Accountants website.




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    Makes total sense – very clear

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