How an accountant made tens of thousands of pounds from LinkedIn

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How an accountant made tens of thousands of pounds from LinkedIn

How can accountants use social media? Don Powell from Certax Accounting asked that question and invested in a social media strategy workshop for his business.

Working with Don, we identified the best channels for his business and how he could use them to generate leads. We also set achievable goals with him. Don followed up his strategy workshop with LinkedIn training.

Within days of his session, Don had picked up a new client worth tens of thousands of pounds. So how did he do it? Listen and find out or read the transcript below.

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Don Powell from Certax Accounting talking to Status Social’s Mark Saxby:

“Well to be honest when we first got involved I was very sceptical as to what social media could do for our business. Having spent a day with you – which I think was very enjoyable, even for a novice like myself, we came away thinking that LinkedIn could be good for business.

We invested a little bit of time in updating our profiles and within a week we’d got a number of contacts. One of which has led to a significant six-month contract for us, so it does work!


Tell me more about how you got that contract…


Well, it was really just getting our profile out, my profile out. I had a contact from someone who I’d known many years ago, who was on LinkedIn and just happened to see my profile. They contacted me and asked me to go and see them with a view to working with them for a six-month period.


A six-month period – that must be a decent contract. Give me a figure, Don, people like to hear figures.


It’s tens of thousands, it just about covered the cost of a day’s training with yourself.


*Mark laughs*


So what would you say to other accountants who are thinking about using LinkedIn? One of the things we have found as a business is that (sometimes) people are reluctant to get into social media.


I think accountants need to get into the real world. Social media is here no matter what people think about it. It’s there and it’s a great tool to develop business. People need to get out there and use it.


Why did you finally come around to using LinkedIn when you were so sceptical in the first place?


I think if I’m honest it was the kids dragging me into the modern world. I’m quite excited by the prospect of developing it further over the next few years and I’m sure that we, as accountants, can make use of modern tools and get good payback from it.


During the workshop itself, when we were looking for opportunities we found one in one of the LinkedIn groups, didn’t we?


That’s one thing that, I guess, inspired us a little bit to make sure we took what we learnt that day and instead of just parking it to one side, we actually went away and developed and made use of it. Because yes, you’re right! You showed us that there is almost an immediate impact to be had from utilising the LinkedIn system.


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