Google+ is dead. At least for most of us.

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Google+ is dead. At least for most of us.

Google has announced that its once ground-breaking social network is to close.

It’s revealed that 90% of Google+ users were only spending an average of five seconds at a time on the platform.

And that, coupled with a security data breach, has convinced Google to finally “retire” Google+.

Not that Google+ is officially over. They are only shutting down Google+ for consumers and are going to maintain it for “enterprise users” – people that are using Google+ within their companies.

In fact, Google says they are going to develop that side of the platform, with more details to come in the next few days.

You can read more about Google’s decision over Google+ and its future here.

We’ve managed Google+ accounts for our clients and trained scores of people how to use the network – and we’ve had some exciting times using Google+. Here is Status Social director, Mark Saxby’s final Goodbye to Google+ message:

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