The Disappearance of Facebook’s News Feed?

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The Disappearance of Facebook’s News Feed?

Could the biggest Facebook shake up in five years see the channel change completely?

Our monthly social media updates also includes a sneak peek of a new feature to stop you making a fool of yourself on Instagram!


Why do we specialise in social media? Because if we want to be experts, we need to be on top of the latest developments all the time!

Facebook Face-Lift

It’s no surprise that Facebook is shifting its focus onto more private communities. Transitioning from a ‘social media town square’ to a ‘social media living room’ is how founder Mark Zuckerberg described it at the F8 conference.

Facebook Redesign



The need for intimacy has come as many users are leaving after a series of privacy issues. A new design will be the biggest change to Facebook in five years, with a focus on Groups and Events. The shift will give users more privacy and could see the News Feed going altogether!

Social media spy, Jane Wong noticed Facebook has started testing the ‘Story Feed’ feature with Facebook Stories making their way into the re-design.

facebook story feed


If you use Facebook advertising for your business and have always wondered just how relevant the relevance score is, firstly, you are not the only one! Secondly, it is all about to change.

The score will be replaced by three new metrics – quality ranking, engagement rate ranking and conversion rate ranking. All three are based on how your competitors’ ads targeting the same audience perform against yours. The new metrics will enable businesses to get savvy when it comes to advertising.

facebook relevance score

Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger update

Messenger is aiming to become more accessible and follow Facebook’s priority on privacy, focusing on chatting to those you are closest to.

‘Current status’, video co-watching and a desktop version are just a few things to look out for. As for brands, booking appointments in Messenger and lead generation templates for chat bots will be new features to take advantage of.

Another app owned by Facebook, WhatsApp Business, will focus on becoming a full blown e-commerce platform, allowing businesses and brands to showcase product catalogues and even take payment.

Instagram Hides Like Counter

Does the amount of likes on an Instagram image determine the success of a post? Instagram is trialling the removal of being able to see the like counter. You will still be able to see the number of likes on your own posts, but not on other people’s.

Instagram wants users to focus on posting more original content and less on how many likes they get. The feature is part of a wider strategy to tackle online bullying with the testing of:

  • Instagram ‘nudge’ – warning users if they are about to post an abusive comment.
  • The disabling of comments from specific people without blocking them.
  • ‘Away’ mode – allowing users to take a break from the platform.


instagram to hide likes


A new donation sticker for Instagram Stories has been introduced in the U.S. and could be rolled out to other countries. This allows users to donate money to non-profit organisations that they want to support. You will also be able to see how much you have raised by swiping up, with the full amount going to the charity of your choosing.

Instagram donations stickers

Twitter Following Changes

Following, unfollowing, then following again. A common occurrence on your Twitter account?

status social - try new twitter layout

Those pesky spam bots! The amount of users you can follow is decreasing from 1,000 to 400 a day to try and discourage this. It still may seem a lot but Twitter assures users that they are fighting spammers by also banning social media apps that allow mass follows.

Another new Twitter feature is the ability to hide comments, similar to Instagram & Facebook, tackling abusive posts and unwanted replies.

LinkedIn Service Provider

linkedin service provider











LinkedIn is testing a new ‘services’ field in users profiles, allowing you to show off the services you provide. This could be particularly of use to freelance professionals who rely on LinkedIn rather than websites to build business relationships and generate leads. But to be honest, it could be of benefit to us all.

What else is new?

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