6 More Words and Phrases to Avoid Using in Your Tweets

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6 More Words and Phrases to Avoid Using in Your Tweets

If you want to win at Twitter, your tweets must have that human touch while remaining clear, concise and relatable. 

But beware of these words and phrases. They’ll either make you look like an out-of-touch robot or, perhaps worse, like you’re trying way too hard.

On January 8 2016, we published a list of 8 words and phrases to avoid in your tweets.

It included things like “fancy”, “the best”, and “click here.”

It was a good list! But unfortunately, it failed to transform the state of social media. We still see far too many tweets that are banal, misguided, or otherwise embarrassing.

In fact, it’s possible that things are even worse now than they were in 2016.

So here’s another list of 6 more words and phrases to avoid using in your tweets.

1) Did You Know?

Which of these two sentences is more direct and engaging?

Did you know, that eating at least one quiche a day can lengthen your life by up to 16 minutes?


Eating one quiche a day can lengthen your life by up to 16 minutes.

Using the words “did you know” transforms what should have been a striking statement of fact into an awkward, clumsy question.

This is why there’s a moratorium on the words “did you know” in the Status Social office. We don’t question your knowledge. We just tell it like it is.

2) Whilst

There’s no functional difference between the words “whilst” and “while.” They both mean exactly the same thing. The only difference is that using the first one will make your tweets read like they were written in brown ink with a quill into a huge leather-bound book.

“Whilst” is archaic. “While” is fine. See also, “amongst” vs. “among.”

3) Utilise

Just say “use”! It means exactly the same thing! Except it doesn’t make you sound like a Cyberman!

Words and phrases to avoid in your tweets


4) LOL

Really, you should avoid using any word that makes it look like you’re trying to connect with “da kidz”.

“LOL”, though, gets a special mention because not even hip young people tend to use that word anymore.

Well, they do, but they use it like punctuation. It doesn’t mean what you think it means anymore. Use it, and people may laugh AT you, rather than WITH you.

Here’s an endless gallery of brands and businesses attempting to connect, and failing.

Words and phrases to avoid in tweets

5) Top Tips

At what specific point does a “tip” become a “top tip”?

When you say you’re sharing your “top tips”, you’re sort of implying that you’re sharing the really good stuff. You’re saying: I have a lot of wisdom to share. But this is my top wisdom. 

It’s silly. Banal. Overused. Meaningless. Just say “tips”! Then people won’t associate your business insights with the bizarre life advice found in Viz magazine.

6) You’re Welcome

Of course, if people thank you on Twitter, by all means say “you’re welcome!”

And of course, if people are welcome to do something, by all means let them know!

But please – if you’re sharing something that’s useful or amusing, do not end your tweets with what could be viewed as a smug and superior “you’re welcome.”

What on Earth am I talking about? Here’s a few examples:

Words and phrases to avoid on Twitter

Words and phrases to avoid on Twitter

Words and phrases to avoid on Twitter

Words and phrases to avoid on Twitter

Most of these examples are by private individuals. But we’ve definitely seen businesses indulge in this obscene behaviour. They’re doing it because they want to come across as knowing and edgy. For many examples of how this can backfire, here’s that link again.

Want To Win At Twitter?

If you want to do Twitter well, writing less annoying and more engaging tweets is a good place to start.

Another good idea? One of our Twitter training workshops will teach you how to use Twitter to achieve your business goals!

Did you know, our workshops are full of top tips you can utilise whilst connecting with thousands of people in your target audience?

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You’re welcome.


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