What Do PDFs, Quizzes, Aspect Ratios and Video Views All Have In Common?

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What Do PDFs, Quizzes, Aspect Ratios and Video Views All Have In Common?

Did you guess it? That’s right, we’re back with the latest news from Social Media Land!

As usual, this month brings more updates and changes. We’re here to interpret them so you can see if your business could benefit.


Instagram Quiz

A cool, brand new feature – a little multiple choice quiz that encourages your followers to interact with your content.

Multiple choice quizzes and polls are hard to resist and require very little effort to participate in. Using little tools like this means you’re subtly training your audience to take action on your profile rather than just scroll on. This feature allows you to ask a simple question in a story and offer between two and four answers to choose from.

This is not intended to be used as an opinion poll or market research as there will be one correct answer. You could technically ask people’s opinions and suggest four options, but they are likely to immediately see their choice highlighted red as they pick the ‘incorrect’ answer! It’s a good little feature however as it encourages participation on a network where it can be easy for people to just scroll and swipe. We tried it out to show you what to expect:

Instagram story mode quizInstagram quiz results

Media Aspect Ratio

This is more of an app review, but there are some great new tools on the market that allow for more flexibility with content shot on a phone.

The aspect ratio, or orientation, is actually really important to consider when producing content for your social media as the different platforms favour different orientations. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram stories like portrait mode, Instagram posts are square and Facebook tries to mix it all up. This makes it very easy to shoot the wrong way for a particular channel.

With the Adobe Rush app you can change your aspect ratio to fit. It’s not a perfect solution but it’s certainly better than trying to squeeze a portrait pic onto your Instagram account. For a whole host of other useful new apps, click here.


Adobe rush app

LinkedIn Document Sharing

Last month we mentioned you can now post documents such as PDFs to LinkedIn instead of just images, videos and web links. We tested the new feature as soon as possible and thought we’d share the results with you.

We found that LinkedIn promoted our post quite well. We had a 36% engagement rate, with the number of clicks to it being one third of the total impressions (number of times it was seen). That’s a pretty good ratio for a post!

This is a great way to get case studies to your connections or share other information that you can’t just take a photo of! Try it out!


LinkedIn document sharing

Facebook Video Views

An interesting little update for those of you posting content on Facebook – a video of 3 minutes or over will be pushed out further organically in the news feed. That’s great! A guaranteed (and free!) boost to your content without the worry of cutting it down to fit the short, snappy typical desire for social media video views.

Why? Because Facebook are keen to promote ad breaks for those people looking for an extra income (which is also more revenue for Facebook). Ad breaks are the little adverts that pop up for a few seconds mid-way through a video you’re watching. If you get a minimum number of 1 minute views on your 3 minute videos, and your page has 10,000 likes or more, you could be eligible for ad breaks in your videos. For those of us who don’t want ad breaks, it’s just really handy to know that a longer video will be boosted.

Facebook video views

Teammates on LinkedIn

We end with an interesting feature on LinkedIn which is the ability to add your colleagues as Teammates. Their posts will be prioritised on your news feed, kind of like your close friends and family on Facebook.

Now, for those people who are on LinkedIn to promote their business or look for a new opportunity, this may not seem like a strategic move as it could potentially keep your network more insular and inward focused. However, if you choose to add your colleagues as your teammates, then you can promote your company’s brand awareness by never missing their posts to share on your profile, helping them out in the LinkedIn algorithm, and therefore gaining exposure for your business.

LinkedIn team mates feature

There’s always a strategic way of looking at any social media update, and it’s what we specialise in!

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