Social Media for Fashion – How a Nottingham Model Agency Rocked Instagram

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Social Media for Fashion – How a Nottingham Model Agency Rocked Instagram

If any industry is primed to benefit from social media, it’s the fashion industry.

But how can businesses in the fashion industry make the most of social media?

Which platforms work best? What sort of content should they create?

We recently met with Anna Gray, director of Nottingham based modelling agency Model Students to discuss how they use Instagram as a powerful business tool.

The agency was founded by Anna in 2010, during her final year at the University of Nottingham. Anna created Model Students when she saw the potential for student models to have a part-time career which could fit around their lifestyle. She herself modelled for the likes of Wella and Dare to Wear while studying.

Social Media Fashion - Jose Anna and Pauline - Model Students

Since then Model Students has expanded to universities in London, Manchester and Durham. They’ve had an international impact too, working with global brands such as Boots, Lulu Guinness, and Hype. They’ve worked in locations spanning from Poland to Milan, but have never forgotten their Nottingham roots.

Model Students was ahead of the game when it came to social media. They adopted Instagram as one of their main social media platforms early on. It was Instagram’s core functions of image sharing and photo transformation which made it so appealing and appropriate. It also gave them an instant global reach. But how do they use it as a business?

Social Media Fashion

Social media for Fashion – You have followers, you get likes. But does it actually work?

Model Students mainly rely on Instagram for brand awareness. And with over 1,400 followers, they’re doing quite well on this front!

Brand awareness is particularly vital for businesses in the fashion industry. The more popular your brand, the more people will want to work with you. And through regularly posting high quality content for their target audience, Model Students saw a rise in new applications from potential models.

It isn’t just models that interact with their account either. Several popular brands have communicated with Model Students through Instagram, including Teen Vogue.

Instagram is perfect for the fashion industry. Agencies like Model Students are able to showcase their talent through sharing striking images. And thanks to their resolute social media strategy, Model Students have won a number of new clients.

But Instagram isn’t just for the fashion industry.

Almost any business could find success on this platform.

Throughout 2016, Instagram made several contentious innovations to help bolster its position as a network of choice for businesses. This includes a wealth of tips and resources, as well as competitive updates to the network itself.

So is it about time your business was on Instagram?

Social media fashion model students InstagramInstagram is popular among millennials. So if you’re targeting this age group, it would make logical sense to capitalise on such a fast-growing network.

Instagram has a range of different functions and possibilities for businesses, so it’s all about developing a strategy that works for you.

That’s where we can help. Talk to us about your business and your goals, and we’ll help you to develop an Instagram strategy that works for you.

Or it might become clear that Instagram isn’t for your business. But even then, we can help you to devise a social media strategy incorporating the platforms that are for you.

If you want to find out how we can help your business take the plunge with Instagram, or if you’re simply looking to develop a social media strategy that’ll boost your brand awareness and your sales, get in touch!

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