Seven Tips to Creating the Perfect Social Media Presentation

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Seven Tips to Creating the Perfect Social Media Presentation

Need or want to create a video talk for social media that achieves your objectives?

It’s so easy to create something that looks amateur – or even embarrassing.

We’ve been asked on numerous occasions how to create great social media video presentations so we thought we’d share our top tips on how to have an impact – without spending a fortune.

1) Don’t be yourself. Video and audio often compresses your voice, so although you might be bright and breezy in real life, you can come across flat. So give another ten per cent if you want to come across well on social media.

2) Be yourself. People love people stories on social media – after all, that’s why they go on it. Anecdotes will help draw and keep your audience. Especially if you are vulnerable yourself.

3) Begin with a bang. Most people click away from videos within three seconds so you need to be engaging from the off. You’ve no time to say hello or have a lovely opening slide. Start with a provocative line that makes people want to stick with you.

4) Stand up! You’d never sit down to do a talk in an auditorium so don’t do it at home. Find a place where you can stand so you can use your body language and your voice properly.

5) Don’t go for the ordinary. No, really, you don’t need to have a bookcase behind you when you’re speaking. What are the interesting parts of your home or garden where you can film without distracting the watcher too much? And how about changing locations during your talk?

6) Sounding good. Think about your sound levels. The internal microphones on phones or tablets are usually good enough for a video – but only if you are not too far from the camera. For a social media ad, being close up is good – after all, most people will watch you on their mobiles.

 7) Think of the reader. Not everyone will want to listen to you speak. They may be on the bus, in their office or behind the counter in their shop. Subtitles are a must when it comes to social media videos and,  the good news is, there are free subtitling programmes available.

8) Consider your marketing. Are you really happy if just 20 people watch your presentation on social media? If you’re going to take the effort to make your video have an impact, the least you can do is ensure you have a good social media strategy to actually get it seen.

If you’d like help getting your social media campaign seen by your target audience then get in touch.

How often should I post on LinkedIn Mark Saxby?Mark Saxby is a former award-winning BBC and ITV journalist, turned award-winning social media consultant. He has broadcast to hundreds of thousands of people across the world and helped Status Social’s clients generate millions of pounds in sales through the strategic use of social media.


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