Positive Social

Positive Social

Two thirds of teenagers have been bullied or know someone who has been bullied on social media, according to research. One deputy head teacher says 95% of issues at his East Midlands school are sparked by social media.

Status Social’s Positive Social sessions for schools – helps students, parents and teachers use social media positively, responsibly and safely with an eye on the future. Our thoroughly-interactive non-preaching programme is great for:

– Tackling bullying

– Protecting young people’s career prospects

– Challenging students about getting their self-worth from social media

– Helping young people stay safe

– Equipping teachers and parents

1. Students

Our ¬†interactive sessions tackle the issues of social media in a fun, creative and inspiring way. Using videos, photos and activities we look at social media bullying, raise awareness of students’ own behaviour on social media and how they can prevent themselves falling foul of future employers and the law. We also look at social media privacy settings.

2. Teachers

Teachers are seeing the effects of social media on their students first hand. Our insightful sessions for teachers will answer your concerns and equip you to handle them. We will also talk about how social media can be used to help you achieve your teaching goals as well as build relationships with your local community.

3. Parents

Our interactive sessions are designed to help parents understand social media better so they can be on-hand for their children. The sessions help parents know what privacy settings are available and give them the confidence and knowledge to talk to their child about social media.


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