A Journey of Self-Development

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A Journey of Self-Development

I have always been well aware of the benefit of placements and the springboard that they can provide when kick-starting your career. Participating in a placement shows a genuine commitment and interest in industry, writes Isabella Hargraves Cronshaw.

When I initially applied for the placement at Status Social, I knew just what a great company it was and that their work was highly successful and commended in the social media marketing community, but I have learned so much more than just Twitter schedules and Facebook Ads.

It has exceeded my expectations and I am leaving with an array of knowledge and increase in my confidence in my own work.

My time at Status Social has provided me with, most importantly, the ability to reflect. After a tough interview, and being admittedly slightly under-prepared, I was able to discuss with Mark (one of the directors) my downfalls. This discussion proved highly insightful and has driven me to ensure I am over-prepared for my next interview.

Trying to fix the broken Lego Twitter bird. It wasn’t me! Honest…

Mark’s advice about learning details about the prospective company before an interview and impressing the panel with such information has led me to evaluate the way in which I prepare for interviews – I will now always ensure that I know every available detail about a company before setting foot in the interview room.

Positively impacting lives

Status Social’s ethos is to positively impact anybody’s lives in which they come into contact with. I most certainly can say they have mine in a variety of ways – my confidence in my own creativity has increased, and my ability to overcome difficult customer service situations has rapidly developed.

Another key professional competency that I have grasped on my placement has been communication – both professional and social.

Lunchtime Dobble champion!

One aspect that I have significantly improved upon is my LinkedIn profile. I now understand how important a professional online presence is – especially when working in the social media industry. Presenting yourself to potential clients online as professional and capable is incredibly important.

I have learned that keeping colleagues updated, in such an instant and demanding social world when providing a service for clients, is essential. A strong bond between colleagues creates a good basis for efficient communication and keeping the business running smoothly.

I have used various methods when communicating professionally; Google Docs and Sheets have proved a great help when sharing projects, and LinkedIn direct messaging has meant I could communicate with my colleagues outside of the office when needed.

Building my confidence

I have thoroughly enjoyed the placement at Status Social. It has allowed me to explore my creativity in content production and social media strategy whilst working alongside industry-leaders.

The beauty of creative minds creating blossoming brilliant ideas and successful posts by working in unison has been a blessing to watch and be a part of. I now feel confident enough in the knowledge that I have acquired to apply for social media management vacancies after my university life.

Isabella Hargreaves Cronshaw (or Izzy as we knew her) was a University of Nottingham 10-week placement student in early 2020. You can connect to her via her LinkedIn profile.

Find out more about Status Social and how we change the lives of business owners, young people and those living in the wider community.

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