Twitter Media Studio – Have You Tried It Yet?

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Twitter Media Studio – Have You Tried It Yet?

The Twitter Media Studio has been described as Twitter’s “best kept secret”.

It has so many features – we’re still discovering new ones!


In June 2017 Twitter very quietly updated itself, as social media platforms are wont to do. The whole platform now looks a lot cleaner and a bit more playful.

But one feature is so new it hasn’t even appeared on every account we manage yet: Increased access to the Twitter Media Studio.

What Is The Twitter Media Studio?

Twitter announced its Media Studio in August 2016. It was introduced it as a “comprehensive desktop destination where you can access all of our video publishing tools and resources in one place.” But as well as video, the dashboard also lets you view all of your images and GIFs.

Take a look at some of its key features:

Twitter Media Studio Features

Beyond this announcement, Twitter didn’t do much to promote its Media Studio. Indeed, initially only selected partners could access these features. Amanda Webb at Agora Pulse believes that Apple were early adopters. They appear to be using the dashboard to distribute Tweets while keeping their feed empty.

In March 2017, Twitter made its Media Studio available to all users. As far as we can tell though, you need to have a Twitter Ads account to access the features.

And that’s where things get interesting!

Can YOU Access The Twitter Media Centre?

As I said earlier, at the time of writing we’re only able to access Twitter Media Centre on one of our client’s accounts: That of Kinedo by Saniflo, the exceptionally talented manufacturers of stylish shower cubicles.

This is what we see on the drop down menu when we click on Kinedo’s Twitter icon while signed into their account:

Twitter Media Studio

By point of comparison, here’s what we saw on the drop down menu when signed into the Status Social Twitter account:

Twitter Media Studio - Status Social

Not a sausage!

At first we thought that this had something to do with Twitter Ads. We’ve not used Twitter Ads on any of the accounts we currently manage. We thought that perhaps Kinedo had experimented with paid content on Twitter before they started working with us. But we asked for clarification, and they told us that they’ve never signed up for Twitter Ads either.

So how do you get the Twitter Media Centre?

We wish we could give you a straight answer but there isn’t one! We managed to get one set up for another one of our clients through but “Media Studio” still doesn’t appear on their Twitter drop down menu. Yet, we went through the same process for Status Social and it now appears on ours!

We set one up using a link to the Twitter ads account, clicking on the ‘Creatives’ tab at the top of the screen and choosing the ‘Media’ option. But this process wasn’t available for another of our accounts!

Let us know if you’re able to access the Twitter Media Centre.

What Does The Twitter Media Centre Look Like?

Maybe you can’t access the Twitter Media Centre from your account. Maybe you’re unwilling to set up a Twitter Ads account. In any case, you might have to wait a while before you access your dashboard.

So let us give you a sneak preview of what it looks like:

Twitter Media Studio Dashboard

That’s Kinedo’s Twitter Media Studio Dashboard. We tend to add an image to every Tweet we send out, so it’s essentially an archive of every tweet we’ve ever written for them. There’s a powerful search function as well as the ability to filter photos, videos, and GIFs.

With that “Upload Media” button in the top right, you can upload new photos, videos or GIFs for later use. This might make it easier to manage our clients’ social media accounts. If we have a useful image that we’re not quite ready to use yet, we can now upload it so it’ll be ready when we are.

If you click on one of the photos, you see this:

Twitter Media Studio - Media Detail

You get the original body of the Tweet along with the precise date and time when it was first uploaded. You get the ability to specify user accounts to share the photo with. There’s also an option to use the same photo in a new tweet.

It is possible to schedule new tweets directly from the Media Centre. But so far, it seems a lot more fiddly, and a lot less powerful, than the scheduling platforms we currently use.

Twitter Media Studio offers so many features that it’s going to take us a while to work out how to make the most of it. And by the time you read this post, it’s possible that this feature will have been rolled out to all users.

But we can’t wait to start experimenting. And we look forward to learning just how many of you can access this dashboard!

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