7 Questions to Ask Your Social Media Manager to Ensure They’re Not Ripping You Off

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7 Questions to Ask Your Social Media Manager to Ensure They’re Not Ripping You Off

“Have you set key performance indicators for your social media manager?” I asked the business owners I was chatting to. “Is he or she bringing in new clients?”

My words were met by blank stares. No, they hadn’t set key performance indicators (or KPIs for short), in fact they didn’t know they could set targets for the social media management they had outsourced.

I wasn’t surprised. After all, social media is still a relatively new industry and people don’t know what questions to ask to ensure they are getting the best service from their social media provider.

So to avoid being ripped off when it comes to social media management, here are seven questions to ask:

Social media management questionsWhat are you going to do for my business? And no, I don’t mean how many Twitter followers and Facebook likes you’re going to get for me (although that’s always a nice thing).

I mean, how are you going to help my business grow, get more customers, increase my brand awareness, improve my customer service?

If I’m paying you, I want to get my money’s worth. It would be great if you actually made more money for me than I invest in your services – how about it?

Social media management questionsWhat’s your social media management strategy? How are you going to achieve my objectives and is it a strategy I’m comfortable with? How will you portray me? What platforms should I be on?

And don’t say Facebook because everyone else is on there – the question is, can I be successful on there? Would I be better using Google+, Pinterest, Vine or Quora instead?

Social media management questionsHow much content are you going to put out? One Facebook page and a tweet doesn’t really cut the mustard so how much effort are you going to put in?

The average life of a tweet is seven minutes so I’m expecting a concerted effort to get me noticed. Don’t tell me people will get fed up if I put out too much content – if it’s good content they will love seeing it.

Social media management questionsHow are you going to build relationships? Social media is supposed to be social so I don’t want you just broadcasting sales messages. I’m not into spam and neither are my prospective clients.

How are you going to turn people into buyers or advocates of my business? And who are you going to target?

Social media management questionsHow quickly will you respond to enquiries? Most people expect an answer on social media within 24 hours but when I’m paying you to manage my account, I expect my customer service to be much faster.

And I expect you to know my business well enough to answer well without having to contact me each time I get an enquiry. And how will you handle a crisis?

6How will you measure the results? If I’m paying you to manage my social media, I want to know it’s worth the money. How will I know?

What systems will you use to measure? And no, I don’t want you to count success through Facebook likes and Twitter followers because popularity doesn’t always equate to my bottom line  

Social media management questionsCan you prove it works? I want to know how you’ve achieved success before? What were the KPIs set and how did you achieve them? Show me testimonies from your customers that mention you met their business objectives.

I want to know you’re not just another opportunist trying to make money because you know how to tweet.  

Above all don’t take chances with your brand. Don’t spend money on social media that doesn’t bring results. And don’t become a victim to someone trying to make a fast buck by pretending to be someone they’re not.

By Mark Saxby. Mark is a director of Status Social, one of the UK’s first specialist social media consultancies. Status Social manages nearly 20 social media accounts with achieving results at the heart of every one.

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  1. John Humphreys

    Well said Mark.
    Questions six and seven are really important. If you can’t measure it, how do you know it’s working.


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