Social media executive vacancy at Status Social in Derby

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Social media executive vacancy at Status Social in Derby

Derbyshire’s Creative Business of the Year winner Status Social is looking to employ a social media executive.


Based at our headquarters in Derby’s historic Cathedral Quarter, you will be at the hub of activity at one of the UK’s most established and most experienced social media agencies.

You will spend most of your time managing social media accounts and running social media training workshops – but you could be involved in a whole lot more!

You must:

– Have creative writing and media production skills (eg mobile photography, video).

– Possess strong attention to detail, particularly in spelling and grammar.

– Be able to deliver the dynamic, fun-filled, engaging and inspiring workshops and presentations that Status Social is famed for.

– Be able to build relationships with clients, leading and advising them on their social media strategies.

– Have a demonstrable passion for digital media.

– Be organised and able to manage your own time and workload effectively.

– Be able to support members of the team and lead the management of social media accounts.

– Know how to measure the results of your actions.

– Have a full, clean driving licence.

Social Media Presentation Derby, Nottingham, Leicester

You hopefully will:

– Have knowledge and experience of using a variety of social media platforms

– Be confident with Word, Excel, Audacity, Canva, Movie Maker and other creative apps/programmes.

– Have experience of marketing.

You definitely will:

Hold firm to the Status Social values of being ethical, honest, accurate, creative, plain speaking, team-working, and having fun; and embrace excellence and our system of open feedback.

These values are the backbone of our business. We will quiz you about them during our interview process.

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More about our values:

Our business is driven by its nine values and we are looking for team members who share them. Your three-monthly appraisal objectives will be set according to them, they are talked about during every new prospect meeting, and they’re emblazoned on our studio wall. We expect you to stick to them, no matter what:

Honesty: We are not looking for perfect human beings. But what we do want are people who understand the importance of telling the truth at all times, even when they get things wrong.

Ethical: That means doing what’s right, what’s best for the client, and what’s best for Status Social and the team.

Excellence: We expect you to go above and beyond what is expected by us and the clients. We are no ordinary social media consultancy and you will need to be extraordinary with us.

Teamwork: Everyone is part of the team at Status Social. Even the bosses. Which means we stick together, we support each other and we help each other to grow. We work really hard together, with everyone pulling their weight.

Open Feedback: We don’t expect you to ever criticise another member of the team behind their back. We do expect you to tell them constructively, in the right way and at the right time when things don’t quite go right. And that means being open with everybody at Status Social.

Creativity: Life is boring when it’s not creative. We expect you to regularly come up with great ideas, whether for your social media management and training, or to make Status Social even better.

Accuracy: We work for national and international companies. They expect perfectly-written social media content. They don’t want to see spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. And neither do we.

Plain speaking: We don’t like bamboozling our clients with long-words to make us feel important. So we don’t. We also speak plainly when we address each other. It’s just the way we are.

Fun: Having fun at work is really important to us. We want people to enjoy their job and we laugh A LOT. That’s why we don’t let people work their birthdays, we close the business down to go to beer festivals, we have official lie-in days and we have team days out walking in the countryside.

Salary: £18,000 – £24,000 depending on experience

Social media training management strategy Derby and Nottingham

We don’t think we can really tell the whole story of the job here so we welcome (and in fact, encourage) interested candidates to call one of our directors, Mark or Kerry, to find out more before applying.

After you’ve spoken to one of the directors, send the following to

– An explanation of why you are the right person for the job, using the above requirements and providing evidence.

– A blog, no longer than 400 words, about any aspect of social media for business – the more original, the better!

– Three content ideas (ie Facebook, Twitter posts/theme for posts) for Status Social’s social media.

– A CV relevant to the vacancy.

The deadline for applications is April 30th but we will begin the process of meeting applicants as soon as we spot someone with potential.

Social Media Derby

Status Social was one of the first specialist social media consultancies in the UK. Since 2011 we have trained more than 1,500 business people how to generate leads, increase brand awareness and improve customer service through social media.

We have helped some of the UK’s top companies, including Vision Express, Marriott Hotels, East Midlands Trains, VINCI and Saniflo to formulate social media strategies and we manage accounts for businesses who love seeing return-on-investment from their social media.

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