Should my business be on Google+?

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Should my business be on Google+?

Is 2014 going to be the year for Google+? It’s grown to be the second largest network in the world behind Facebook but it’s still not really taken off in the UK. Could 2014 change all that?

Google+ has failed to grab the imagination of many traditional social media users. It is not very easy to understand; it’s yet another social network to learn about; it seems to be a bit of a rip-off of Facebook and Twitter.

But are those accusations fair and should businesses take Google+ seriously?

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Yes, Google+ can be difficult to master – but then from a business point-of-view, so are the other networks when it comes to achieving business goals through them.

google+-rich-snippetsYes, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of familiar people using Google+ – but then it is growing in popularity. We’ve experienced an increase in people spending more time on the network towards the end of 2013. Plus do you want to engage with the same audience you’re already communicating with elsewhere or reach out to new potential customers?

A rip off of Facebook and Twitter? Closer examination will definitely prove Google+ is not that.

But there is one REALLY BIG reason why every business should be on Google+ – it’s owned by Google. Most businesses want to be high up in Google search rankings and Google+ gives us a chance to influence that. A lot of what happens on Google+ can affect our position on Google either directly or indirectly.

Google authorship

Let’s look at Google authorship for example (see above image). By connecting our Google+ account to our website, we have the opportunity to have our photo appear alongside our content in a Google search. This is said to increase the likelihood of your content being clicked on by up to 30%.

Like all social networks, Google+ is only worth doing if it’s going to be done well. So for some, they may decide Google+ is not something they want to invest time in. Others may decide they would be better spending less time on Facebook, Twitter, etc, and more on Google+.

Status Social’s Mark Saxby recently delivered a talk called Ten Social Networks that could Transform Your Business. He spoke about each network off-the-cuff for 2.5 minutes, before the end was marked by the sound of a musical crocodile (don’t ask). Here’s what Mark had to say about Google+ and its potential effect on your business…

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  1. Mark Williams

    I will definitely be attending a status social google+ course this year, I think it’s going to be big!

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