Social media training workshops

Social media training workshops

Every social media training workshop Status Social carries out is tailored towards business. Whether getting you more customers, increasing your brand awareness or helping you find partners, our strategic social media workshops will leave you with the right tools.

We have trained more than 1,600 business people and were one of the first deliverers in the UK of the BTEC award in Social Media for Business in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

Using Twitter for business

new-twitter-logo-vectorWith approximately 15 million people in the UK having accounts, Twitter is an amazing platform to reach out to a potential audience. When used strategically, Twitter can bring in new business, increase your brand awareness and assist in numerous business objectives.

However, Twitter is not the easiest thing to get to grips with and many businesses struggle to use it effectively. There is the challenge of balancing direct selling and conversation plus the time pressures associated with using such a fast-moving social network.

Find out how we can help your business get customers through Twitter

Using LinkedIn to increase sales

LinkedInTwo-thirds of UK professionals are on LinkedIn with the average salary being £55,000+. There are 225 million people on the network worldwide and it continues to grow.

On the surface, LinkedIn appears to be a glorified CV but there are actually clever communication techniques hidden within.


Find out how we can help your business use LinkedIn to increase sales

Facebook for business

facebook-flat-vector-logoA well-run Facebook page is essential if you are to reap the rewards from it. We believe by using rich content, including videos and high-quality photos of your materials, your premises and other material of interest to your end-user, Facebook can be key to increase brand awareness and ultimately driving traffic.


Find out how we can help your business use Facebook to get customers

Pinterest for business

pinterest-icon-vectorDone correctly, Pinterest drives more traffic to websites than LinkedIn, You Tube and Google+ put together. Research suggests that 23% of Pinterest users are aged 50+, 92% of all pins are made by women and 29% of users are in the highest income bracket.

We therefore believe that Pinterest is a great social network particularly for e-commerce businesses. Read more about our thoughts on who should invest in Pinterest.

Find out how we can help you use Pinterest for business

Google+ for business

Google+g_128_vectorized can have a huge impact on your Google search rankings. Gaining approval on your content is a sign to Google that you and your website are current, active and reliable.

There are also great ways to use Google+ to build deep and meaningful relationships with potential customers and influencers.

Listen to our presentation about why your business should be on Google+

Find out how we can help your business get the most out of Google+

Blogging for business

Studies show 56% of businesses tSocial Media training in Derbyhat blog just once a month acquire a customer through it.  Other studies have demonstrated websites with blogs receive 55% more visitors than those without. And according to recent research, B2B companies with a blog generate 67% more leads.

Having the tools to write great blogs for your business can generate you customers.

Find out how we can help your business write great blogs

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