How many LinkedIn users are there in the UK?

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How many LinkedIn users are there in the UK?

LinkedIn has revealed it has 15 million members in the UK, just two years after it announced it had reached the 10 million mark.

In a fascinating infographic, the business-to-business social network revealed that membership includes:

59 body builders

66 rocket scientists

146 chimney sweeps

744 magicians

2495 detectives

4083 farmers

7090 hairdressers

12,530 journalists

48,679 solicitors

374,711 engineers

6 mermaids

and 14,000,000 so-called social media experts.

OK, so we made up the last one…

LinkedIn tell us that the number of students on LinkedIn has more than doubled in the last year as they recognise the opportunities to build a career on the network.

What is more telling, though, is that very few people are still using LinkedIn well. Out of the last 300 connection requests made to Status Social staff in the past two months, less than 2 per cent created a personal message. The other 98 per cent, meanwhile, wasted their opportunity to build relationships and grow their business.

One of our clients told us last week they’d got back 1888% of the cost of their LinkedIn training just three days after their workshop. Now that’s worthy of an infographic…

LinkedIn reaches 15 million UK members


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  1. Kathryn Roberts

    I love that there are 5 mermaids! Fabulous!

  2. Felicia Martinez

    Some people may really think they are mermaids. Lol I love this info graph its #Stellar

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