How Twitter has helped a Commonwealth Games star to win

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How Twitter has helped a Commonwealth Games star to win

England Commonwealth Games shooting star Caroline Povey finds Twitter invaluable as an athlete. Like most people in sport, Caroline has to raise her own sponsorship to be able to compete.

Through Twitter, Caroline, who is a trap clay shooter, has discovered an avenue to help her get funding. She has also been offered help and support from businesses and is using the social network to promote a crowdfunding campaign.

Derbyshire-based Caroline will be taking part in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this summer and has been a regular member of the Great Britain shooting team since 2004, winning the UK Championships four times. During a Derbyshire Sport event designed to encourage businesses to work with athletes, Caroline explained how Twitter has become an invaluable tool….

Caroline Povey shooting Commonwealth GamesThis is a news report by Status Social and is not an endorsement by Caroline Povey of Status Social or its services.

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Social media management: 7 questions to ensure you’re not being ripped off

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Social media management: 7 questions to ensure you’re not being ripped off

“Have you set key performance indicators for your social media manager?” I asked the business owners I was chatting to. “Is he or she bringing in new clients?”

My words were met by blank stares. No, they hadn’t set key performance indicators (or KPIs for short), in fact they didn’t know they could set targets for the social media management they had outsourced.

I wasn’t surprised. After all, social media is still a relatively new industry and people don’t know what questions to ask to ensure they are getting the best service from their social media provider.

So to avoid being ripped off when it comes to social media management, here are seven questions to ask:

Social media management questionsWhat are you going to do for my business? And no, I don’t mean how many Twitter followers and Facebook likes you’re going to get for me (although that’s always a nice thing).

I mean, how are you going to help my business grow, get more customers, increase my brand awareness, improve my customer service?

If I’m paying you, I want to get my money’s worth. It would be great if you actually made more money for me than I invest in your services – how about it?

Social media management questionsWhat’s your social media management strategy? How are you going to achieve my objectives and is it a strategy I’m comfortable with? How will you portray me? What platforms should I be on?

And don’t say Facebook because everyone else is on there – the question is, can I be successful on there? Would I be better using Google+, Pinterest, Vine or Quora instead?

Social media management questionsHow much content are you going to put out? One Facebook page and a tweet doesn’t really cut the mustard so how much effort are you going to put in?

The average life of a tweet is seven minutes so I’m expecting a concerted effort to get me noticed. Don’t tell me people will get fed up if I put out too much content – if it’s good content they will love seeing it.

Social media management questionsHow are you going to build relationships? Social media is supposed to be social so I don’t want you just broadcasting sales messages. I’m not into spam and neither are my prospective clients.

How are you going to turn people into buyers or advocates of my business? And who are you going to target?

Social media management questionsHow quickly will you respond to enquiries? Most people expect an answer on social media within 24 hours but when I’m paying you to manage my account, I expect my customer service to be much faster.

And I expect you to know my business well enough to answer well without having to contact me each time I get an enquiry. And how will you handle a crisis?

6How will you measure the results? If I’m paying you to manage my social media, I want to know it’s worth the money. How will I know?

What systems will you use to measure? And no, I don’t want you to count success through Facebook likes and Twitter followers because popularity doesn’t always equate to my bottom line  

Social media management questionsCan you prove it works? I want to know how you’ve achieved success before? What were the KPIs set and how did you achieve them? Show me testimonies from your customers that mention you met their business objectives.

I want to know you’re not just another opportunist trying to make money because you know how to tweet.  

Above all don’t take chances with your brand. Don’t spend money on social media that doesn’t bring results. And don’t become a victim to someone trying to make a fast buck by pretending to be someone they’re not.

By Mark Saxby. Mark is a director of Status Social, one of the UK’s first specialist social media consultancies. Status Social manages nearly 20 social media accounts with achieving results at the heart of every one.

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Will social media die?

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Will social media die?

As two people join LinkedIn every second, 135,000 people sign up to Twitter every day and Facebook exceeds the 1bn users mark, it’s hard to imagine a world without social media.

But as social media takes over more and more of our lives, how will we keep up? And with so many adverts and sales messages, will we eventually just turn off? Will social media die?

So with so much time being invested into social media, here are four reasons why we think social media is just getting started:

1The demand for relevant information when you want it, where you want it will only increase, which is where social  media comes in.


2We will become less tolerant of calling 0845 numbers just to be held in a queue – and even less tolerant of having to  pay 60p for a stamp. Meanwhile social media will offer a free, instant alternative.


3People don’t want to click around websites. So instead of sending people to their own, smart business will take their services to the customer. Everyone likes life to be easy. And wouldn’t life be easier if you could book a table at a restaurant at a click of a button while you’re already logged into Facebook arranging what time to meet?

Social networks know everything about their users, and so too can businesses who use them correctly. Why track anonymous visitors to a website when all their customers’ details are available on social media? 

4A local gym already knows which classes you like, what days you tend to exercise, how guilty you’re feeling after sharing a photo of last night’s takeaway and how many days it is until your beach holiday. Smart businesses will start to tailor their services to your needs.


So, will social media die out eventually? Hardly.

Of course social media won’t just evolve in isolation. As wearable devices such as Google Glass take off, the demand to interact as easily as possible, on the go will be a way of life. Social media done properly will become a necessary convenience, a lifeline, an essential in your pocket – or even on your face.

Do you agree? Let us know in the comments or tweet @Status_Social

By Claire Hannon. Claire is a social media consultant at Status Social, one of the UK’s first specialist social media consultancies. Status Social manages nearly 20 social media accounts with achieving results at the heart of every one.

Want to get your business up to speed with social media? Call the Status Social team on 01332 776910 or email us.

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World Cup social media statistics infographic

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World Cup social media statistics infographic

World Cup 2014 will be the most tweeted about, Facebook-ed, Google Pluss-ed football tournament in history. Social media will go crazy every game as second screen use goes into overdrive.

But how has the World Cup fared on social media so far? Status Social and our friends at Fisch Design have put together a collection of great social media facts in time for this year’s event.

Who is the most influential World Cup footballer on social media? Which World Cup moment has been watched the most on YouTube? What is the most tweeted about World Cup football match of all time?

And, which match will be the most tweeted about in 2014…?

Take a look at our infographic and let us know what you think. And tell us who you think will come out victorious on the biggest football stage of all – on the pitch of course, because we all know that’s the most important thing!

World Cup social media statistics

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How Derby County loves their fans through video

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How Derby County loves their fans through video

Football clubs are often accused of not looking after or caring about their fans – yet social media has made it easier than ever to change that.

The unadventurous clubs have stuck to the traditional networks like Facebook and Twitter, often using them to broadcast their messages rather than engaging with fans or providing genuine value.

But at Derby County they’ve turned to video to reach out – offering supporters a glimpse into things they would not usually see.

Most football clubs have a YouTube channel but last year Derby County started to go that extra mile for their fans offering behind the scenes footage. And not just the predictable shots of players training.

One of their videos sees goalkeeper, Lee Grant with a GoPro camera strapped to his head. Life from the view of the man between the posts.

Although the view takes a little getting used to, seeing a training session from a professional’s perspective offers something really inspirational for fans and wannabe goalkeepers.

Derby County is also one of the growing number of clubs using Vine – a six second video app – to record behind the scenes at press conferences and photo shoots.

Hit or miss? A light-hearted Vine behind the scenes on a photo shoot with Derby County player Will Hughes

Although some seem to work better than others, the amateur nature of Vines gives fans something that feels personal.

Hit or miss? A Vine featuring parts of an interview with manager Steve McClaren  

Despite the mixed results, with 1,986 followers and consistent engagement, their Vine account is getting people talking.

Most football clubs know they should be using social media but some just fail to distinguish boring content from the good stuff. The way to stand out is to produce content that’s innovative and adds value for their followers. Otherwise, only the die-hard fans – those that will go to every match regardless – will return to their social media again and again.

And it’s not just football fans that want added value – creating engaging social media content is key for every business. What do your customers want to read about? Do you know what to share and the best way to share it?

Want to know how to create engaging content for your social media channels? Call Status Social on 01332 776910 or email us.

Blog written by Claire Hannon with research by Dan Holdsworth.

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How many LinkedIn users are there in the UK?

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How many LinkedIn users are there in the UK?

LinkedIn has revealed it has 15 million members in the UK, just two years after it announced it had reached the 10 million mark.

In a fascinating infographic, the business-to-business social network revealed that membership includes:

59 body builders

66 rocket scientists

146 chimney sweeps

744 magicians

2495 detectives

4083 farmers

7090 hairdressers

12,530 journalists

48,679 solicitors

374,711 engineers

6 mermaids

and 14,000,000 so-called social media experts.

OK, so we made up the last one…

LinkedIn tell us that the number of students on LinkedIn has more than doubled in the last year as they recognise the opportunities to build a career on the network.

What is more telling, though, is that very few people are still using LinkedIn well. Out of the last 300 connection requests made to Status Social staff in the past two months, less than 2 per cent created a personal message. The other 98 per cent, meanwhile, wasted their opportunity to build relationships and grow their business.

One of our clients told us last week they’d got back 1888% of the cost of their LinkedIn training just three days after their workshop. Now that’s worthy of an infographic…

LinkedIn reaches 15 million UK members

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