Nottingham Social Media Experts Team up with Nottingham Café

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Nottingham Social Media Experts Team up with Nottingham Café

Introducing #CuppaSocial – a new Nottingham social media drop-in centre by Status Social and Cafe Sobar!

Have you ever questioned whether your business should be on social media?

Have you contemplated which social media network you should be on?

Or maybe you want to achieve better results on social media, and don’t know how.

Then you need to know about #CuppaSocial @ Cafe Sobar.

CuppaSocial - Nottingham Social Media

The social media specialists at Status Social have teamed up with Nottingham’s Café Sobar to answer all of your most burning social media questions.

#CuppaSocial is our new monthly drop-in event. If you’ve got any burning questions about any aspect of social media, whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or even Weibo, just come and pay us a visit at the fantastic Café Sobar, where you can ask our team of social media specialists anything you like.

And you can do this while soaking up Café Sobar’s vibrant atmosphere and enjoy some delicious cake and coffee.


9th February – 8.30-10.30AM


Café Sobar – Friar Lane, Nottingham, NG1 6DQ


Anybody from any business of any size is welcome to come along.


You can let us know you’re coming along by using the hashtag #CuppaSocial. Or just turn up on the day.

In the meantime, you can follow us at @status_social or @sobarnottm.

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Status Social 2017 Charity of the Year Revealed!

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Status Social 2017 Charity of the Year Revealed!

A Derby-based refugee charity is to receive more than £5000 of free social media training and consultation after becoming Status Social’s 2017 Charity of the Year.

Upbeat Communities provides support for those newly arrived in the UK and helps people who have been through the asylum process and granted refugee status.

It has recently received funding to roll out its Welcome Box scheme nationally in which asylum seekers are helped to feel at home in their place of arrival. Upbeat Communities also puts on English classes and helps refugees become integrated in their communities.

Upbeat Communities

As our Charity of the Year, Upbeat Communities will go through a social media strategy workshop process before its staff receive training on relevant social networks. It will also receive ongoing consultation.

Status Social director Kerry Saxby said that, with 18 applicants, choosing the 2017 Charity of the Year was the hardest it had ever been:

For the first time, we decided we couldn’t decide by application form alone but had to shortlist and carry out interviews too.

The passion of the team at Upbeat Communities really shone through and the potential of the charity is enormous.

Upbeat Communities follows in the footsteps of previous Charity of the Year recipients Treetops Hospice, cancer-support charity Annabel’s Angels, and eating-disorder charity First Steps.

Upbeat Communities CEO Karina Martin said:

We’re delighted to be Status Social’s charity of the year! We’re at a key point in our growth as an organisation, as we provide more services for refugees across Derbyshire and beyond.

Every day, we hear moving stories from people who have fled extreme violence and danger and are seeking safety in the UK. Being able to better use social media to share their stories means we can help more strangers become neighbours and invite more people to join our vision too.

Status Social director, Mark Saxby, added:

We are really looking forward to helping Upbeat Communities make a difference – in 2016, for example, First Steps doubled their social media reach and our support helped them generate an extra £90,000 in funding.

We know the subject of asylum seekers and refugees can be a controversial one – and we love being counter-cultural at Status Social!

Find out more about the work of Upbeat Communities. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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I’m Addicted to Instagram – And I’m Not The Only One!

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I’m Addicted to Instagram – And I’m Not The Only One!

Lauren’s starting an internship with us next month. In preparation of her time with us, we asked her to write us a short blog on the topic of “my favourite social network”.

This is what she wrote:

I’m the first to admit I’m probably addicted to Instagram – and I’m not alone.

While Instagram is a popular platform for businesses, in our personal lives we’ve become obsessed with likes and follows. Every spare six seconds we have in our day is filled with a quick scroll, and it’s apparently turning our brains to dust.

While I’m guilty of being disappointed when a photo gets less likes than I expected, Instagram is, in fact, changing the way we look at everyday parts of our lives.

Would I have noticed the newly orange leaves on the trees outside my house had orange leaved trees not been all over my Instagram feed? Possibly, but I definitely wouldn’t have cared as much.

Maybe we should be enjoying life in the moment and not worrying about whether the Starbucks cup would have looked better from a different angle or if those leaves might look better tomorrow, but at least we’re looking.

It might be sad that I can’t fully appreciate the world without viewing it through a camera lens but it’s infinitely better than scrolling through baby updates from the girl I sat next to in geography 6 years ago.

Instagram is a platform that allows me to appreciate the beauty in the mundane. It’s an opportunity to create a dream world that you wish you lived in. To take something every day and make it into a celebration is an art form.

Just so long as it’s got a filter on it.

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It’s The Status Social 2017 Bucket List!

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It’s The Status Social 2017 Bucket List!

Happy new year everyone!

2016 was a very good year for Status Social, and of course we’re aiming to make 2017 even better.

So we’ve compiled our 2017 bucket list!

These are the sort of companies we’d love to help achieve their goals using social media in 2017 and beyond.

Whether it’s finding more leads, driving more sales, building better brand awareness, or simply delivering superior customer service, this social media stuff really works.

We’ve already worked with many businesses from many sectors. Here’s where we’d like to go next.

Derby Social Media Consultant Mark Saxby

Mark Saxby

I’d love to work more with top businesses in the bakery sector. It’s very easy for bakeries to put out photos of their wares but that’s not enough if they want to have an impact on social media.

We’ve found that a successful post is so much more than a great photo – there’s also the words, the call-to-action, the strategy behind the post and more. So much needs to be considered to drive a fan to not only engage with a post, but to go out and buy the product too.

Plus, we are very loyal to our clients. And that gives us a great excuse to eat even more cakes in the studio…

Derby Social Media Specialist Kerry Saxby

Kerry Saxby

I’d love to work with a major football club. There is so much more clubs could do with social media than just put out updates about what is happening. Such as engaging with fans, businesses and community groups.

Football clubs are under so much pressure to increase income yet social media rarely has a significant impact on that goal. Helping a club use social media strategically to drive sales – whether through fans or on the corporate side – would be amazing.

Which particular club do I want to work with? Now that would be telling!


Derby Social Media Consultant Henry Skinner

Henry Skinner

I would love to work for the tourism board of New Zealand. Specifically I’d like to work for the tourism board for Hobbiton, the fictional home of hobbits from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

An office at the Green Dragon Inn opposite the lake would mean I can enjoy a beef and ale pie with a mug of zesty Frogmorton Ginger Beer on my lunch break.

But in all seriousness, marketing my favourite country would be amazing.


Danielle West

Science! It fascinates me. Imagine being involved in announcing to the world that aliens have been discovered – they DO exist! Or being the first to know about the latest ground-breaking space missions!

But given that we’ll probably never be asked to manage NASA’s social media, I’d love to work with a museum.

Museums provide a great deal of education and enjoyment, and there are always new exhibits to see and events to attend.

The number of mind-blowing facts that could be used to engage in conversation with fellow enthusiasts would be, well, mind-blowing…

What with a huge range of audiences to target – schools, families, tourism promoters, to name a few – the possibilities would be endless!

Derby Social Media Manager Grace Golden

Grace Golden


Spending my day working alongside otters, tigers, penguins and red pandas is something I can only dream of.

Or is it?

I’d love to work in a hectic environment buzzing with our lovely furry friends. Big, small, fluffy or coarse.

Having the opportunity to get to know the animals and capture adorable interactions would MAKE MY YEAR! I’d be able to reach out to people of all ages and invite them to share the vibrant joys of the animal kingdom as well as spend some quality time together 364 days a year.

Derby Social Media Manager Elliot Davies

Elliot Davies

I’d like to work closely with the UK video game industry.

Kindling excitement for a forthcoming release by one of the major UK studios would be fun, but it would be much more interesting – and rewarding – to work alongside one of those worthy causes that recognises and champions the redemptive qualities of gaming.

When it comes to making successful events even more successful, we’ve got quite a strong track record. I’d love to see what we could do for a gaming expo, or even a coding jam.

So there you have it! The Status Social 2017 bucket list.

If there are any bakeries, football clubs, tourist boards, museums, zoos, or video game champions reading this, get in touch! We’d love to work with you, and we can help you to achieve great things.

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LinkedIn Is My Mistress – Please Don’t Tell My Wife

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LinkedIn Is My Mistress – Please Don’t Tell My Wife

I’m in love again. Don’t tell my wife.

It’s not that I’m keeping secrets from my wife. Well, perhaps a few. But then whose wife likes to hear their husband is in love with someone else?

Especially because this time I’m in love with someone who’s not as beautiful as her. Her personality doesn’t compare to the woman I married 18 years ago. And my new love will never be able to bear me three amazing children.

It’s LinkedIn.

Yes, I am in love with LinkedIn.

“LinkedIn!” I hear you cry. “That boring business-to-business social network which is only useful for those job hunting or recruiters? That platform where users just send off random connection requests to people they’ve never met and never will meet? That network which is ultimately just Facebook for business?”

Yes, LinkedIn.

I’m in love with LinkedIn.

I love the way she looks – that I can find interesting people I want to do business with.

I love the way she speaks – the fascinating information I can find out about people’s jobs, businesses and their passions.

I love the way she moves – the smoothness of the newsfeed where I can keep up to date with what’s happening in the region where I work.

I love her openness – the ability to speak to decision makers without being stopped by receptionists or PAs.

I love her power – the influence she has over one of the most important things in the world – Google.

And most of all, I love her generosity – the way she’s given me tens of thousands of pounds worth of business. That’s because I treat her like a lady, rather than a machine.

So, yes, I am in love with LinkedIn. Head-over-heels in love. Fascinated, captivated by her beautiful ways. Nobody can tear us apart.

And do you know something?

I think she loves me too.

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4 Reasons Why Instagram is the Best Social Media Network

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4 Reasons Why Instagram is the Best Social Media Network

Why are you using social media?

If you’re looking for a platform to express yourself, be sociable, find interesting content or promote your business then you are going to love Instagram!

Instagram is the best social networkInstagram is the best social network

1. It’s an Inspirational Dream Board of Images and Videos

Instagram uses analytics to build a personalised selection of content based on what you have previously liked, so you can discover more of the things you love.

To like a post simply double tap and a heart will appear on the centre of the screen. On the notifications page you can discover what the people you are following like too.

Instagram is the best social network

2. You Can Really Make It Your Own

Search for people, places, hobbies, puppies and more. Pretty much anything you have an interest in there is an account for it.

Are you a fan of handsome men and Middle Eastern chickpea dishes?

Hot Dudes and Hummus is an actual page with 39,600 followers.

What a time to be alive.

Plus, securing your privacy settings means you can accept or ignore anyone requesting to follow you.

Instagram is the best social network Instagram is the best social network

3. You Get a Real Insight into the Topics That Interest You Most

Get a glimpse of Usain Bolt training for the Olympics. See behind the scenes of fashion shoots. Get exclusive sneak peeks of album covers or book launches, or incredible inspiration for your next meal. Plus, the layout makes it so easy to absorb and interact with that you can end up losing hours of your life at a time!

4. You Can Share Your Interests (or Products) With The Wider World

Instagram has over 500 million monthly users. However, your content needs to be visually engaging to gain momentum.

That’s why Instagram works so well for brands and businesses. Whether you’re a small start-up promoting handmade gifts, or an international tourist destination sharing breathtaking photos, with a good strategy anyone can make good use of Instagram.

However, don’t be fooled. Be aware of Instasham!

Some people who have been drawn into the Instagram bubble. They cannot resist the urge to re-arrange their white desk space, chai latte and tree-free paper notebook for hours to capture the perfect shot.

And don’t measure your worth in life through the number of likes you get on your photos!

If you can resist the temptation and carry on living in reality, you will adore the benefits of Instagram for personal and professional use.

Instagram is the best social network

Who packs like that?

Need to understand how to generate leads using Instagram? Learn more about our Instagram workshop.

And while you’re at it, why not take a look at our Instagram profile?

Grace Golden, 25, is a social media manager at Status Social. This Christmas she will be indulging in champagne and polish doughnuts for breakfast.

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