Social Media for Gyms – How a Twitter Campaign Boosted Signups by over 60%

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Social Media for Gyms – How a Twitter Campaign Boosted Signups by over 60%

Following our social media for gyms campaign, Derby gyms saw memberships increase by two thirds, with a further 1,500 people showing an interest in joining. Our tweets were seen 250,000 times and shared 595 times. But what was the secret of our success? Read on to find out.

How do you convince someone to join a gym? How can you encourage people to get fit and live a more active life?

Derby City Council wanted to encourage local people to feel healthier.

The new council-owned velodrome, Derby Arena, was nearing completion. What better time to introduce the people of Derby to a range of gym membership deals?

Social Media For Gyms – How to Encourage People to Get Active.


We ran a number of social media campaigns for Derby City Council gyms. The aim was to get local people interested in joining their local gym.

In our three month social media for gyms campaign, we:

  • Tweeted seven days a week, tracking down and personally engaging with residents about getting fit and feeling healthy
  • Posted tweets that were written to be retweeted by influential people in the tourism industry
  • Encouraged residents to take a look at the different gym locations on the council website and the membership offer

Our tweets were relevant, engaging, authentic, and targeted. But most important of all, we were consistent. And the results speak for themselves.

Ed Green, audience engagement manager at Derby City Council, said:

We had the traditional marketing sorted. We now wanted to reach people in different ways, including students who we knew would be using social media.

We needed the campaign to be intense and achieve results in a short period of time. This is exactly what Status Social did for us.


social media for gyms


The Results.

We exceeded all of the key performance indicators for the three month campaign.

Highlights included:

  • Increased awareness of the gym membership, with tweets seen more than 250,000 times and shared 595 times
  • An increase in people wanting to join a gym, with 1,501 clicks to the declaration of interest form on the council website
  • The number of student sign-ups increased by two-thirds on the previous year

We were overwhelmed by the interest – tweets were shared three times more than we’d expected! We couldn’t have done this without help from the experts.

– Ed Green, audience engagement manager at Derby City Council


Social Media for Gyms


Whether it’s used to significantly boost gym memberships, or to kindle enthusiasm for a book festival, social media is one of the most powerful, versatile, and cost-effective of all marketing tools.

For a free consultation about how social media can help you achieve your business objectives, call us on 01332 776910, or email us.

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Social Media Management Team Bolstered by New Talent

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Social Media Management Team Bolstered by New Talent

Status Social has recruited two new team members for its growing social media management team.

They come from two of Derby and Nottingham’s most successful companies.

Before joining Status Social, Grace Golden managed social media at national car dealership Motorpoint. There she worked with Status Social to launch a new car showroom in the north east. Thanks to the campaign, a record number of cars were sold on opening day.

Grace grew up in Ashby-de-la-Zouch and currently lives in Ilkeston, where she drinks rhubarb gin.

Social Media Management Derby

Elliot Davies comes to Status Social from Nottingham agency Hallam Internet. As senior copywriter he wrote more than 2,000 words every day. He’s also worked for the British Red Cross. Elliot lives in Derby and is originally from Liverpool. He likes to read books so thick that they double as doorstops.

As a team, Grace and Elliot will work together to manage our clients’ social media accounts.

Status Social director Kerry Saxby says the pair will help the business move into the next stage of development:

“The skills Grace and Elliot bring to the business will make us more effective than ever before. They’ve only been with us for a few weeks, and already they’ve made some massive contributions. Clients have also commented on what great additions they make to the team.”

In their first few weeks, Grace and Elliot have already brought in some leads for their clients. They’ve also visited the studios of Cactus Images for their professional headshots.

Social Media Management team bolstered by new talent

Status Social – Leading Experts Getting Better Every Day.

Status Social was one of the UK’s first specialist social media agencies, and continues to be one of the best.

We’ve generated nearly half a million pounds in sales through social media management. We’ve also trained nearly 2,000 business people in how to use social media to generate sales, raise brand awareness, and improve customer service.

We’re based in the Cathedral Quarter in Derby. From September 2016, we’ll have staff based in Nottingham.

Learn more about what we do, and get in touch to find out what we can do for you.

For a free consultation, give us a call on 07886 021 092. You can also email

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Social media intern – my first week at Status Social

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Social media intern – my first week at Status Social

Already in my first few days, I have been photographed constantly, endured a wide range of tastes in music, danced at 11am every day, and seen Mark (my boss) in Lycra every morning. Overall, it has been an absolutely fantastic week.

Everyone at Status Social is extremely bubbly and welcoming which has made me feel very comfortable in my first week, along with the fun-filled atmosphere. I have also had PLENTY to do and I am definitely getting the most out of my time here.

I have learnt social media is not just a way for me to share jokes and constantly chat with my friends. In fact, there’s a whole business world going on inside social media with millions and millions of people connected to each other.

Seeing this has made me extremely aware of my own online presence and how the world may see me. It’s forced me to frantically check all my university photos. Being professional online, I have realised, is very important and from this my social media content has improved dramatically over the past week.

Furthermore, I have learnt that selling an idea is a lot more complicated than I originally thought. It is not a simple case of “I’m selling this, do you want it?”, but a slow yet rewarding process of building relationships and connecting with people. Although many think social media is emotionless and anti-social, my week at Status Social has proved the opposite.

Social media intern HenriettaPeople are constantly uploading what they enjoy or believe in and to bond with someone over this, no matter how far away they live, is truly “social”. Status Social enables customers to not only find clients but connect with them and this I have learnt is vital. I am still, however, learning the skill of speaking to complete strangers online. Striking up a conversation with them on something I may have no idea about or interest in is actually quite daunting. For that, I am glad it is over social media and not face-to-face.

I have had an amazing time so far and can’t wait for the weeks to come. Thank you so much for having me Status Social, as I know I can be slightly distracting at times, but I hope to prove I am worth it!

By Henrietta Teasdale-Brown (pictured posing next to freezers with a St George’s flag to commemorate the England-Iceland Euro 16 match on Status Social’s Facebook page).

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How to use Twitter better for customer service

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How to use Twitter better for customer service

Did you know that a customer interaction through Twitter costs 1/6 of a call centre resolution? With the amount of time people are spending online increasing every year, more customers are opting to contact brands via social media. This means customer service through social media has become essential. Customers expect it so you need to provide it.

80% of social media customer service requests happen on Twitter and the network has some interesting features that can help your tweet encounters become much more effective.


Direct Messaging

Do you find yourself getting to that awkward point with customers where you can’t or don’t want to resolve their query in public? So you ask them to send you a direct message.

Twitter has introduced a call-to-action button that you can tweet to customers which, when clicked on, will open a direct message conversation between you and them.

Twitter customer service 1

This means taking difficult conversations offline and sharing private information will be much smoother.

Twitter customer service 2Feedback

Customer feedback is one of the most important ways to measure and improve service, but in order for that feedback to work, it needs to be structured. Twitter has begun rolling out just that with its new customer feedback tool.

Soon, your business will be able to utilise two industry standard measurements of Net Promotor Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) by sending out a call to action through tweets.

Customers who encounter positive social customer care experiences are nearly 3 times more likely to recommend a brand.

By measuring these engagements you’ll now be able to see whether your service is leaving that ever so important positive impression.


Having worked for more than three years in digital customer service for both Sky and EE, I took great pleasure in seeing the positive effect that a good social media presence had. The evidence of this was when we consistently achieved the highest customer satisfaction scores in the entirety of customer services for both companies.

Twitter’s additional features show it has recognised its own importance to customer service and is making strong moves to fit industry standards.

So is it time you recognised it too?


Want to find out more about using social media for your business? Call us on 01332 776910 (Derby) or 01158 248242 (Nottingham) or email us for a free social media consultation.

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Ten social networks that could transform your business

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Ten social networks that could transform your business

When you think of social media platforms, what comes to mind? Facebook? Twitter? Possibly LinkedIn? When it comes to choosing which networks to use for our businesses we inevitably go for the ones we’ve heard of. Or the ones we’re using personally. But could we be missing out on something better?

Here are ten social networks that could bring in customers, raise brand awareness, position you as experts – in other words, have a massive impact on your business. Don’t even think of going on all of them! Use this list (which is in no particular order) as a way of finding out whether you’re on the right ones or whether you ought to look elsewhere.

Facebook page - Status Social Feb 2016Social media courses  Facebook – It may be the biggest but for many businesses, Facebook is just not right. For starters, its brand pages are very much weighted towards business-to-consumers so if your potential clients are other business owners then you might be wasting your time.  Business owners should be posting around three times a day and Facebook will only show your posts to those it wants to.

Social media courses in Derby  Google+ – If you measure by the number of accounts, Google+ is the second largest social network in the world. It can be difficult to use but the key thing is that Google+ is owned by… Google. Therefore its influence over search results cannot be underestimated. Google experts frequently cite a +1 on Google+ (equivalent to a ‘like’ on Facebook) as one of the biggest influences on a Google search.

Status Social social media  Twitter – Most businesses use Twitter badly, tweeting out sales messages and offering little. The average life of a tweet is estimated to be just seven minutes so you need to tweet often. The power of Twitter lies in our ability to use it to find and build relationships with potential customers. This is time-consuming which is why we are asked to manage lots of Twitter campaigns.

Social media workshops  Instagram – The current darling of the social media world, Instagram is a great network for raising your brand awareness, particularly if you sell eye-catching products. The drawback is that you cannot post links back to your website so potential consumers have to make extra effort to buy.

Social media courses in Sheffield  Pinterest – Pinterest users pin website images they like onto their virtual pinboards. It’s the second biggest network for driving traffic to websites and evidence shows that Pinterest users are hot-to-buy. It’s also loved by Google so if you can label your pinboards with the right search terms, they have a good chance of appearing high in search results.

quora-screenshot Social media courses Nottingham  Quora – Wondering why you never see baby pigeons? Then Quora will have the answer. It’s a social network where questions are asked and experts from across the world provide the answer. Take the example of the accountant who answers questions on Quora about his area of expertise. He’s found that those he gives free advice to then ask him to do their regular accounts.




Social media training Derby  LinkedIn – One of the best networks to get business from other business owners, LinkedIn is no longer just a place to find a new job. If used properly for ten minutes a day, you should be able to generate at least three leads a week through LinkedIn. Two of our clients alone generated nearly £50,000 between them last year through LinkedIn.

Social media training Nottingham  Periscope – Periscope is a brilliant way to increase a business’ visibility. It is a video broadcasting app that is owned by Twitter. You can set your broadcasts to private or public. If broadcasts are public, you can reach audiences all over the world, including your target audience.

Social media training  Reddit – It may be one of the ugliest social networks in the world but Reddit has enormous power. It’s a site where users start conversations or post website links they like into different categories. I once posted a blog on our website about Formula 1 and social media – within 24 hours it had had 600 hits of which 500 came from Reddit.

Social media Nottingham  Vine – This six-second video network provides businesses with an easy and effective way to create videos which can be not only shared on Vine but also posted onto Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and even Instagram. Want to tell your story over social media? Vine is invaluable.

Want to find out more about which social network is best for your business? Call us on 01332 776910 (Derby) or 01158 248242 (Nottingham)

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Nottingham social media presentation approaches for local agency

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Nottingham social media presentation approaches for local agency

The Nottingham Business Expo will be the stage for a social media talk by the East Midlands’ largest social media consultancy.

Status Social’s Mark Saxby will speak about “Ten Social Media Networks which could Transform your Company” to the hundreds of business leaders expected to attend the event.

The Nottingham Business Expo takes place at the Motorpoint Arena on Thursday 3 March, 2016, running from 9am until 4pm. Status Social will also be exhibiting at the event.

“We’ve been working with Nottingham businesses such as Vision Express, East Midlands Trains and Nottingham City Council for many years but there are still many in the city who aren’t aware of the impact our social media knowledge can have on their business,” said Mark.

“My presentation will look not only at the biggest social media networks that could make a difference to businesses, but also the lesser known ones which may have more of an impact if used in the right way.”

Nottingham Business Expo social media

Status Social at last year’s Nottingham Business Expo

The team at Status Social has trained around 1,500 business people how to use social media to increase sales since becoming one of the first specialist social media agencies in the UK in January 2011. Status Social has also managed social media accounts for organisations such as Marriott Hotels, Saniflo and Derby City Council.

If you’d like to attend the expo, Status Social has access to 15 free tickets to the event. The only condition is you need to come and say hello to us on our stand! Click here for more details.

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