Team Sky boss tells cyclists: Get used to social media abuse

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Team Sky boss tells cyclists: Get used to social media abuse

Professional cyclists need to accept they’re going to get abuse on social media, according to the general manager of Team Sky, Sir Dave Brailsford.

In an exclusive interview with Status Social – and the Tour de France just days away – Sir Dave says cyclists need to adapt to criticism over networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

He also reckons cyclists should avoid using social media immediately after a race but says Team Sky do not have a social media policy.

Read the full interview with Sir Dave, recorded at the UK’s newest velodrome, Derby Arena:

Status Social: Sometimes cyclists and other sports people get very affected by what’s posted on social media, especially Twitter. How should they handle that?

Sir Dave Brailsford: Well it’s like everything in life, you adapt to it. The whole point of society is that people have different views and that is the way it is. I think you have got to embrace that.

It is the diversity of thinking and the diversity of opinion that makes it an exciting place to live. Therefore you have to take the good with the bad. You don’t let it get to you too much, you don’t take too much notice of it and you just move on.

Status Social: Do you encourage the riders to use social media at Team Sky? Is there a policy?

Sir Dave Brailsford: No, we don’t have a policy as such – it’s pretty obvious some of the dos and don’ts, it goes without saying. But I think it is important that people have their own voice and they can air their own views.

Social media is a good thing; it is a healthy thing. As long as social media isn’t misused and sometimes straight after a race when everybody’s all fired up, it probably isn’t the best time to be tweeting. But as long as everyone is sensible, I think it is a great medium and it is to be embraced.

Status Social: You’ve been involved in cycling for a long time. What kind of an impact do you think social media has had on cycling?

Sir Dave Brailsford: The impact of social media has been massive on cycling and within society. We are all adapting and learning all the time. One of the greatest benefits is that it has allowed cycling and all sports to have a dialogue with fans directly. It has changed the way we think about communication.

Instead of having one-way communication, now we can have the opportunity of having a dialogue which I think is very, very important. I think we are all trying to learn very, very quickly and move and adapt to see how we can all benefit the most to use social media and get the greatest things out of social media, like fan engagement, particularly for teens but also from an educational point of view, to promote the opportunities that exists.

From a cycling point-of-view, here at Derby Arena we are using social media so we can tap into young people to let them know about opportunities that exist here. How can they go about getting down here? What do they do when they get here? All those things to make it easy. I think that is how we use social media these days, to benefit everybody in the community.

Tweeting drivers keeps F1 interesting, according to a top team boss.

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Social media manager vacancy at Status Social

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Social media manager vacancy at Status Social

Do you have:
– A passion for digital?
– A creative mind which is always coming up with ideas?
– Strong attention to detail?
– A love of measuring the results of your actions?

If you have then you may be the person we are looking for at the East Midlands’ largest and most successful social media consultancy.

Derby Telegraph’s Creative Business of the Year finalist, Status Social, is looking to employ a social media manager. Based in our studio in Derby’s historic Cathedral Quarter, you will create original and engaging social media content for us and our clients.

The successful applicant must:

– Have knowledge and experience of using a wide variety of social media platforms.
– Have creative writing and media production skills (eg mobile photography, video).
– Possess strong attention to detail, particularly in spelling and grammar.
– Be organised and able to manage own time and workload effectively.
– Have high standards of customer service.
– Be able to handle clients professionally and confidently whether face-to-face or over the telephone.
– Be passionate about digital and have a desire to learn more.
– Have experience of building a digital audience whether personally or professionally.
– Have analysed success.
– Share Status Social’s values.*

It is desirable (ie don’t be put off applying if you don’t have these skills) the candidate:

– Is confident with Word, Excel, Audacity, Movie Maker and WordPress.
– Has experience of marketing.

As a member of a small team you will be expected to be flexible and get involved in other everyday activities as required.

To apply for this role, send the following to

– An explanation of why you are the right person for the job, using the above requirements and providing evidence.
– A blog, no longer than 400 words, about any aspect of social media for business (the more original, the better).
– Three content ideas (ie Facebook, Twitter posts/theme for posts) for Status Social’s social media.
– Your CV.
– Your salary expectations.

Interested? We’d like to hear from you by 9am on Monday 29th June, 2015. Feel free to call Mark on 01332 776910 if you’d like a chat before sending in your application.

Creative Industries Business of the Year

Status Social was one of the first specialist social media consultancies in the UK. Since 2011 we have trained more than 1,300 business people how to generate profits through social media. We have helped some of the UK’s top companies to formulate social media strategies and we manage accounts for businesses who love seeing return-on-investment from their social media.

*Status Social expects every member of the team to be honest and ethical in their words and actions. We expect to work in a creative environment with accuracy and plain-speaking at its heart. We place importance on staff development, teamwork, open-feedback and a good work-life balance. And we want to have fun along the way.

Why are our values at the bottom of this page if they are so important? Because we want to see if you have really taken the trouble to read them!

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How big is a LinkedIn background image (and other size-related questions)?

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How big is a LinkedIn background image (and other size-related questions)?

Blurred LinkedIn background images, dodgy-looking Twitter headers, unforgivable Facebook cover photos – we’ve all seen them but as a business owners/marketeers it’s vital we look good on social media.

And with the social networks regularly changing their photo sizes, it’s so difficult to keep on top of the latest dimensions. So it’s great, therefore, when somebody does the job for you.

Stand up Daniella Franco from SumAll and take a bow. Daniella has created a beautiful infographic which gives us (almost) everything we need to know. So there’s little more to say than, enjoy….


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Status Social shortlisted for top business award

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Status Social shortlisted for top business award

Status Social is a finalist in the Derby Telegraph 2015 Business Awards! The East Midlands’ first specialist social media agency has made the final three in the Creative Industries Business of the Year Award.

The competition looked at Derbyshire companies which had “developed something truly creative across a variety of industries” and “made major strides in this important sector”.

The five-strong team at Status Social, which also has a studio in Nottingham, has been invited to a glittering awards ceremony at The Roundhouse in Derby on June 24.

Director Mark Saxby said everyone connected with Status Social was delighted: “To be shortlisted in such a competitive sector is amazing. When you look at who has made the final three in the past, it’s always been design agencies, so for a social media consultancy to figure, it shows just how creative we are.”

Creative Industries Business of the YearFellow director Kerry Saxby said the Status Social awards entry had focussed on some key areas: “We help generate so much business for East Midlands companies through our social media training and social media management that our contribution to the Derbyshire economy was plain to see. And the way we do it – particularly our social media management – is different to everyone we know.

“We also focussed on the incredibly creative projects we are involved in including our exciting Safe Social Networking for schools project – helping students, teachers and parents understand the power, problems and potential of social media.”

And Mark added: “We just want to thank all our amazing clients who have seen the potential of social media as a business tool and worked with us over the past four-and-a-half years.”

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3 social media secrets every leader should know

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3 social media secrets every leader should know

Leadership coach Peter Anderton took part in Status Social’s Blogging for Business workshop. His ‘homework’ was to blog about his experience….

Status Social’s Mark Saxby is passionate about social media. I am passionate about leadership. Couldn’t be more different? Wrong.

His ‘Blogging for Business’ workshop was an eye opener. I didn’t know the first thing about blogging and even now my ‘L plates’ are still firmly attached. But so many of his messages I already knew – what I didn’t know was what they had to do with blogging. I thought they were about leadership. Here are just three:


Social media coursesBe real

Write as you would speak. Share your emotions. Like right now I’m thinking – why would anyone read my blog? I’m not a journalist. I’m not a Harvard professor. I’m just some bloke who knows how to help knackered leaders get their mojo back! But I do know that if any leader is ever going to step out of the management zone and into the leadership zone the first step is to be real. A leader who is willing to be a little vulnerable goes a long way. You don’t have to have all the answers. In fact if you do how will your team ever develop?

Social media courses in DerbyKnow your reason

Why are you blogging? Is it website traffic you want? Brand awareness? Are you after clients? Do you simply want to share your musings with the world? I had no reason – I just thought it was something I should do. Now I have worked out my reason. No more ‘I must write a book someday’ – this blog is where it starts.

So how about your team – do they have a reason why? Because if they don’t, you will only see a shadow of what they could deliver. In the words of Simon Sinek – Start with WHY.

Status Social social mediaPassion

Look for the sweet spot. Write about things you are passionate about. Write about things that your target audience are passionate about. It’s not one or the other it HAS to be both. Truly great leaders work in the sweet spot between things they love doing and the things that need to be done. If you can’t find the sweet spot then look harder – or go and do something else! You won’t reach your full potential without it.

As for your team – align their passions with the work to be done and watch them catch fire. You will double your results – and double engagement. Free of charge.

So was it worth it, when I knew it already? Absolutely – because despite my fears, Mark has unlocked what I already know and pointed it in the right direction. If that isn’t leadership, what is?


Find out more about our blogging for business workshops or Peter Anderton.

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