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Social media training – 8 questions to ask before you do it.

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Social media training – 8 questions to ask before you do it.

Social media training high up on your agenda? Want to learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Google+ for your business?

There are a myriad of people and organisations out there offering social media training but how do you know which one to go for? Here are 8 questions to ask about your social media trainer before booking:

Social media coursesWhat is their knowledge based on? Trainers with real-world experience are the best. They are not just talking about the theory behind social media; they have actually ‘lived’ it. Has your social media trainer successfully managed other businesses’ accounts themselves, with proven return on investment (ROI)? And by ROI, we don’t mean increasing likes or followers. Anyone can do that.

Social media courses in DerbyHow practical is their training? You don’t want your money or time to be wasted on padding. Spending the first half an hour talking about the history of social media is not time well-spent. Neither is waffling about social media theory. What you want is practical tips and examples of how you can put your social media training into practice for your business as soon as you leave the workshop.

Status Social social mediaCan they show their training works? It’s easy to provide a few testimonies on a website about how people enjoyed the workshop but can the trainers give you case studies, or even better, the phone numbers of delegates who have turned their training into increased profits?

Social media workshopsIs the training pitched at my level? If you are an absolute beginner, you want it to start with the basics, but don’t be fooled into thinking that’s the most important thing. Your social media training still needs to be strategic and practical. If you are experienced at using social media, then it’s worth finding out whether the content is right for you too. Ask the social media trainer what you will gain from the course.

Social media courses in SheffieldWill the training be long enough for me? If you really want to learn how to use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter effectively for your business then don’t expect to learn about all three during a course lasting a morning. A social media course which fits the criteria in this post should last a minimum of three hours to truly have the ability to have an impact on your business. And don’t be afraid to ask about a longer course if you want more in-depth training.

Social media courses NottinghamWho else will be there? If you want social media training tailored to your business a bespoke workshop would clearly be best. But if you would prefer to learn with other business people then it’s worth asking how many will be in the social media training with you. Half a dozen would be ideal, ten or under would be acceptable, more than ten should ring alarm bells. The more people there are, the less chance of having your questions answered and the workshop meeting your needs.

Social media training DerbyWill the training be strategic? It’s very easy to go away from social media training and do nothing with what you’ve learned. Without knowing why you’re using social media, who the target audience is, how to measure the results, how you’re going to turn your social media activity into ROI, there is a strong likelihood your social media marketing will fail.

Social media training NottinghamWill there be wi-fi at the training venue? Is this really so important? Well, it’s a warning sign that if there is no wi-fi your training may end up being death by PowerPoint. We know that presentations can be done well but social media training is so much better if it can be personalised to you. With wi-fi, or a live workshop, it’s much easier to show your Facebook page or LinkedIn profile and talk about it during the workshop. Plus, you can be shown how to do something in real time.

Ask the above questions and if you don’t get the answers you like then shop around. There are enough social media trainers out there – you just need to ensure you find a good one!

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Social media training: celebrating 1000 trainees!

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Social media training: celebrating 1000 trainees!

We are celebrating training 1000 business people in social media at Status Social today!

Derby Theatre staff (pictured is Sarah Cockburn and Sarah Brigham about to get stuck in), who underwent a social media strategy workshop, tucked into our giant celebratory cupcake after helping to reach that meteoric number.

Since our formation in January 2011, Status Social have trained people how to use social media to increase their business’ profits from across the UK, Europe and as far away as Russia and the United States.
Director Mark Saxby said it’s been a year of increased demand and growth for the business:

“We’ve seen an upsurge in businesses booking us for training this year. Many are realising they’ve been running their social media platforms for a couple of years without much success. 2014 has been a time when many are deciding it’s time to use social media properly and get some proper training from a social media company with a great track record.”

As well as training in social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and blogging, Status Social also manages the social media accounts for businesses – with return-on-investment at the heart of everything we do.

Give us a call on 01332 776910 for a free consultation about how we may be able to help your business.

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Stop wasting your time on Facebook and Twitter

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Stop wasting your time on Facebook and Twitter

Every business should be on social media – at least that’s what we’re told. You should be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ account and publish your photos on Pinterest and Instagram. Not to mention write a weekly blog.

But is it time well-spent or would it be better just to stay away from social media altogether? Back in the 2000s, businesses were told they needed a website, investing thousands of pounds so their customers could find them and spend money. Except it didn’t always work out like that.

Are yesterday’s websites, today’s social media networks?

How much money have you made from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like? Has it gained you new business? Or would you be better spending the time on more effective marketing?

What are the secrets of the double glazing company in Derbyshire that generated £60,000 of business through social media in 2013; or the story of the accountant who attracted £15,000 worth of business in a week through LinkedIn; or the restaurant that upped profits by thousands of pounds a week through Facebook and Twitter?

In short, they took social media seriously. They did not fall into the trap of just updating Facebook once a week, solely put out marketing messages on Twitter or simply adding connections on LinkedIn without really knowing why.

Wasting your time on Facebook and Twitter?Our time is precious and these business owners decided if they were going to spend time on social media it had better be worth it. They wanted to be strategic with their social media, they wanted to get new customers from it. And they did.

Would you spend money on newspaper advertisements if they brought you in no business? Would you go out networking for hours if it never led to new clients? Would you invest in thousands of leaflets if you never got a return from them? So why waste your time on social media if you’re not doing it properly – you’d be better doing some other form of marketing instead.

Is social media right for every business? Quite possibly, but only when it’s done properly. And if it it brings results, it’s not a waste of time at all.

This article, by Status Social director Mark Saxby appears in the summer edition of Agenda magazine, Derby’s business magazine. 

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How Twitter campaigns fill Derby’s hotel rooms during beer festivals.

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How Twitter campaigns fill Derby’s hotel rooms during beer festivals.

Status Social runs the social media campaigns for Derby Tourism’s winter and summer beer festivals, achieving the targets set and bringing visitors into the city. Read on to see how we were successful.

When was the last time you tweeted 160 times in one day?

Derby Tourism want to encourage people to stay in their city and spend money. So when the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) picked Derby to stage their National Ales Festival, it was seen as the ideal opportunity to introduce a new audience to the area.

So how would social media help? Stella Birks is visitor services development manager at Derby City Council:

“We’d engaged with social media for a while – more dipping our toe in the water really – and wanted to make it a far more effective tool and fulfil our objectives. So we turned to Status Social to help us understand how to take that next step and make the social media far more effective.”

CAMRA Derby Beer festival tweeting

The method

The most effective social network for such a campaign was deemed to be Twitter. Over the next three weeks, Status Social:

• Tweeted 1,200 times; up to 160 times a day.

• Tracked down and personally invited approximately 1,000 real ale fans to the event.

• Produced three blogs about beer and Derby’s attractions and edited two more.

• Produced tweets that were designed to be retweeted, especially by influential people in the tourism industry.

• Encouraged real ale fans to check out the festival pages on the Visit Derby website, including the hotel deals on offer.

• Promoted a beer festival competition in conjunction with an email marketing campaign.

Social media tourism

“We were expecting more website traffic; to reach more markets,” reports Stella. “What came as a surprise, and was certainly a learning process for the team, was the way that Status Social could specifically target interest groups.

“Through the campaign we also understood how you can get those key influencers retweeting for you – so actually taking your message out there for you, letting other people do the hard work on your behalf.”

The results

All of the key performance indicators set for the three-week campaign were beaten. Highlights included:

• 1,645 hits to the Visit Derby website through Twitter.

• 339 retweets of the @DerbyBeer content reaching a potential audience of approximately 200,000 people.

• 1,342 hits to the Derby beer blogs.

• 2,729 competition entries.

• 147 people checking out the available hotel offers.

• Hotels in the city reporting an increase in bookings during the festival.

Beer industry social media

The verdict

“It was very important for us that we achieved the key objectives – getting people to stay overnight in Derby and spend more,” says Stella. “As far as the campaign for the CAMRA National Winter Ales Festival was concerned we saw genuine business coming into Derby as a direct result of the Twitter campaign. We were very pleased with our return on investment and feel very positive about being able to build on that in the future.”

Status Social has also recently worked with Derby Tourism on their summer beer festival, once again achieving the KPIs. For a chat about how we can help you achieve your business objectives call us on 01332 776910 or email us.

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How Twitter has helped a Commonwealth Games star to win

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How Twitter has helped a Commonwealth Games star to win

England Commonwealth Games shooting star Caroline Povey finds Twitter invaluable as an athlete. Like most people in sport, Caroline has to raise her own sponsorship to be able to compete.

Through Twitter, Caroline, who is a trap clay shooter, has discovered an avenue to help her get funding. She has also been offered help and support from businesses and is using the social network to promote a crowdfunding campaign.

Derbyshire-based Caroline will be taking part in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this summer and has been a regular member of the Great Britain shooting team since 2004, winning the UK Championships four times. During a Derbyshire Sport event designed to encourage businesses to work with athletes, Caroline explained how Twitter has become an invaluable tool….

Caroline Povey shooting Commonwealth GamesThis is a news report by Status Social and is not an endorsement by Caroline Povey of Status Social or its services.

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