Google endorses Status Social advice at conference

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Google endorses Status Social advice at conference

Status Social’s teaching on the importance of Google+ when it comes to search results has been endorsed by Google itself.

Speaking at the Peak District and Derbyshire Tourism Conference, Status Social director Mark Saxby explained how businesses could not afford to ignore the world’s second largest social network because of its immense influence over Google.

He gave an example of how a particular page on Status Social’s website reached page one on Google within 18 hours of being successfully shared into a Google+ community.

In his keynote talk at the event, senior travel industry manager at Google UK, Satyan Joshi, referred back to Mark’s earlier talk about how important it was for businesses to recognise Google+. He went on to say that videos – easily produced by smart phones – encouraged a higher placing on search engine results.

Ellie Jones, business development manager at Alton Towers, was at the event. She said about Mark’s presentation:

Ellie Jones“Mark delivered an engaging, exciting and memorable session on how to use various social media channels effectively. Mark gives a great amount of credibility to his presentations by including a range of case studies and success stories that show how much of an impact social media can have for businesses of all sizes. He speaks with confidence, clarity and enthusiasm.”

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The businessman who made £23,000 through LinkedIn

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The businessman who made £23,000 through LinkedIn

How do you make money through social media? Talk to Andrew Curd. He generated a £23,000 contract through LinkedIn.

Andrew is the head of sales and marketing for MKerb, a manufacturer of a kerbing system for the food processing, cold storage, retail and pharmaceutical industries. He talked to Status Social’s Mark Saxby about how he turned his LinkedIn training into profit.

Mark Tell me what you’ve done with LinkedIn so far.

Andrew We’ve done quite a lot. We’ve found it very handy for targeting the sort of people we are interested in, as we sell quite a unique product.

Mark How have you been doing that?

Andrew By using the “people you might know” and looking at job descriptions that might be of interest. If they are, I send off an invitation to connect.

Mark What success have you had with LinkedIn?

Andrew Curd LinkedIn profileAndrew After one recent invitation to connect was accepted, I sent off a message thanking him for accepting the request and asking if he would like any information on our products. The next day I received a reply, in which he said he had an upcoming project and he would be very interested. A few phone calls later resulted in receiving a £23,000 order from his contractors carrying out their work.

Mark What are your thoughts looking back on the process?

Andrew It was very simple because you are just sat at your desk. It was a bit of a surprise because it was the first success we’d had through LinkedIn.

Mark Did you ever think over the last few years, ‘I shouldn’t bother with LinkedIn because it’s not bringing in the results?’

Andrew No, you can see from the calibre of people I am connecting with; major food manufacturers from this country and people who oversee all the capital projects for those companies. You can see you are connecting with some very important people, so it’s worth persevering with.

Mark Two years ago you had your LinkedIn training – what lessons would you share with others?

Andrew It worked really well for us, especially because we sell such a niche product. I now see it as a vital tool for our business. I can also see how it would help other business too. It is well worth getting LinkedIn training.

Mark What advice would you give others in the manufacturing sector who want to use LinkedIn?

Andrew Give it a go, you have nothing to lose. Once you’ve had some training and given it a go, you should see some benefits from it.

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What should I do if someone complains on social media?

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What should I do if someone complains on social media?

“If I go on social media, my customers will use it as a way to bad-mouth me.”

It’s one of the most common reasons companies tell us they have for resisting the jump onto Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Business owners fear if they create a social media account, they will be faced with a deluge of moans and groans from disgruntled people.

Is that a reason for not being on social media?

Well no, but there are some important things to think about first.

The most important point is that if you’re not on social media, how do you know what people are saying about you?

When somebody makes a complaint, instead of writing it on your Facebook page or directing a tweet to you, they are letting their friends and followers know instead.

So when it comes to you sorting out the problem, you can’t. Because you don’t even know they’re upset. And what’s better – a dissatisfied customer who you can try and turn around, or a dissatisfied customer who tells everyone he knows how bad you are – with no chance of reply?

Ironic door signThe other point to consider is, how many complaints are you expecting? If you fear it’s going to be a lot, then you need to think seriously before entering the social world. Who’s going to respond to the complaints? Have they got the right skills? How quickly will you reply? What will the process be?

They may be difficult questions to answer but that shouldn’t put you off social media. If you want to be seen as a caring, responsive company, then there is no option but to be on social. It’s just like every element of business – don’t do it unless you’re going to do it right.

We like Bplans flowchart (below) which helps when it comes to responding on social media. What do you think of it?

And if you’d like help taking those first steps into the social media world – and doing it properly – then give us a call on 01332 776910 or 0115 828 8242. We can share the many stories of how we’ve tackled reputation management issues on behalf of our clients!


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Derby Book Festival tweets seen 47,000 times on launch day

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Derby Book Festival tweets seen 47,000 times on launch day

Tweets by Derby Book Festival during the 24 hours following its launch were viewed 47,100 times, according to Twitter.

On the day the festival was made public, 359 people liked its Facebook page and 277 began following its Twitter account. Six-second Vine videos made at the launch event at Waterstones in Derby were looped 790 times.

Status Social is managing the social media for the festival, which is the first of its kind in Derby. The headline performer for the June 1-7 event is bestselling author Michael Morpurgo, who wrote War Horse – turned into a movie by Steven Spielberg.

As well as capturing Vine videos, Status Social tweeted live from the launch, took photos and filmed a timelapse video of the important moments using iPhones and iPads.

Fans responded positively to the festival launch on social media, many saying they were planning to attend. @DerbyBookFest’s tweets were retweeted 134 times while the Facebook page reached more than four thousand people.

booksweekoffChairman of the Derby Book Festival, Liz Fothergill, said she was overwhelmed by the impact social media had had on getting the word out so quickly:

“Wow, words fail me, the power of social media, incredible but needs the expert that is you to make it all happen. Thank you so very much.”

And organiser Jenny Denton added: “It sounds amazing. I now better understand the phrase – ‘going viral’.”

The Derby Book Festival is being completely run by volunteers. Like Status Social, fellow Friar Gate Studios companies Revolver Revolver (design agency) and Codemakers (website builders) have given free support during the festival’s first year.

You can follow @DerbyBookFest on Twitter and Derby Book Festival on Facebook or check out the Derby Book Festival website.

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Social media experts expand with base in Nottingham

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Social media experts expand with base in Nottingham

The East Midlands’ leading social media agency, Status Social, has secured studio space in Nottingham.

After working with Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham City Council, the City of Caves museum and many more organisations in Nottingham, it seemed like the time was right for us to create a base in the East Midlands’ biggest city.

We’ve taken up space in the historic Oldknows Factory – a former lace factory with more than a passing resemblance to New York’s ‘Flat Iron’ building.

Status Social Nottingham officeWe’re nestled on the top floor of the factory within the studios of Fat Free Media, a ground-breaking video production company. Fat Free Media began life in 2007 and has worked with top names such as Toyota, Boots and the University of Cambridge. It also collaborated with Status Social on the successful VisuallySocial project which took place in Nottingham in 2013.

Our home in Derby remains the same – at Friar Gate Studios in the city’s Cathedral Quarter.

Status Social director Mark Saxby said: “We have seen an increasing number of enquiries from Nottingham businesses which recognise that we offer a social media service above and beyond our competitors. It makes sense to have a base in Nottingham where we can meet with potential and existing clients and become fully immersed in the Nottingham creative scene.

“Our social media consultant Claire Hannon has been working with the city’s businesses for some time and will continue building successful relationships there.”

Status Social Nottingham office poolFat Free Media founder Neil Rostance said: “We are really pleased to welcome Status Social, there is lots of exciting cross-over between both businesses and I really look forward to sharing the space and knowledge to benefit all our clients. We’re lucky to have such a relaxed and creative space and I know Status Social will be very happy and productive here!”

If you are involved in a business in Nottingham and would like to talk to Claire about your social media requirements then email her at or call her on 07969 528397.

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