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How LinkedIn opened doors for a traditional manufacturing businesses

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How LinkedIn opened doors for a traditional manufacturing businesses

“We know all our customers so there’s no point using social media to get more.” We’ve heard that many times over the past four years. But is it a fair point?

Jake Waterhouse from DEKOMTE de Temple thought he knew all his potential clients but considered social media too important to ignore. He asked Status Social to deliver LinkedIn training for him and his senior team based in Gloucestershire.

DEKOMTE supply expansion joints to many of the world’s largest power stations. Jake explained how LinkedIn had helped him make new inroads…

“I only joined LinkedIn about seven months ago and that’s why we had the training six months ago, just to make sure we were using it in the right way.

Jake Waterhouse

Jake Waterhouse

“First of all we started adding contacts, using our contact database we had to find all the people that were using LinkedIn from all the power plants and OEMs we were dealing with. I’m quite surprised by how quickly that has grown, we have over 500 contacts already, which is quite amazing.

“I was sceptical at the beginning whether or not we would actually gain any new business from using LinkedIn but we have already received a couple of serious requests, one specific enquiry, which we followed up. That initiation wouldn’t have arisen if we didn’t have LinkedIn.

“One of my roles in terms of managing more international markets has been introducing and referring contacts from different countries. So in terms of bringing about a better cohesion across all our offices and for people to see what contacts we have in other countries it’s been quite interesting.

“The thing which I think we struggled with (which you helped us with on the LinkedIn training) was making sure we gained regular bulletin material and regular status updates. We’ve now found a way to get bulletins that really focus on new products, new seminars, presentations and trying to look at new things we’re doing in the business. We’re now looking internally at how we can produce better bulletins.

“Overall it’s been a really good experience. We just hope to try and build on it and hopefully do some more networking and get some new enquiries from it.

DEKOMTE-LOGO“We are a very small, niche market which is very much based personally and on relationships. There are only 150 customers for us in the UK, so you’d ask ‘What good is social networking when you already know?’ But the thing with relationships, unless you’re speaking to them on a regular basis, you don’t know how things change.

“Using this extra media actually takes pressure off the relationship because it allows a connection with the customer which isn’t all about me contacting them at the wrong or inconvenient time. They can actually see what we’re doing and things crop up that people didn’t know we did before because maybe we didn’t always consider it as applicable.

“I definitely think it’s interesting for every type of company, whether it be business-to-business or more consumer-focused to think about social networking to give a new dimension to the relationships they have with their customers.”

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What is the perfect LinkedIn profile photo?

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What is the perfect LinkedIn profile photo?

I’ve seen some howlers in the past. Photos on LinkedIn, I mean. Photos that are supposed to sell you as a serious businessman or woman but instead…. don’t.

One of the first things we do on every Status Social LinkedIn workshop is go through the delegates’ profile photos. And we do it because having the right image is one of the most important things you can do on the business-to-business network.

Have a smile on your face, dress smartly, stick to head and shoulders (not the shampoo), think about the colours, consider which way you are facing, etc, etc. If your photo is wrong, a potential client could end up going elsewhere.

So it’s great to see that the boffins at Photofeeler feel as strongly as me. In fact, they’ve done some research into the perfect social media profile photo. And produced a handy infographic which you can look at below.

As their research gets a wider audience, perhaps we will no longer see profile photos of the top of a bald man’s head; or someone with their back to the camera; or the man with a beer glass bigger than his head.

Here’s hoping!

The Perfect Profile Photo Infographic

Want to know more about how you can best use LinkedIn to get business (and we really do mean get business – check out our case studies) then take a look at our LinkedIn profile writing service or LinkedIn training.

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How an accountant used LinkedIn to get new business

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How an accountant used LinkedIn to get new business

A Burton accountants generated a £15,000 worth of new business within a couple of months of their LinkedIn training.

The team at The Chartwell Practice had been using LinkedIn for several years but realised they weren’t getting the most out of it. Status Social was asked to come in and train their staff so they could help bring in new clients through the powerful business-to-business social network.

Within two months of using LinkedIn tentatively, business development director Frank Startin had picked up a contact worth thousands of pounds for the Stafford accountants, generated through social media. Watch his story here or read the transcript below:

“We had a great day of training with Mark who taught a group of us how to use LinkedIn effectively and strategically. The workshop was taught in a fun way and some great tips were given by Mark who is obviously an expert in his field. We wouldn’t hesitate to use Mark again and would recommend other businesses tap into his skills so that they too can learn how to use social media to their advantage.” Martin Chilver, The Chartwell Practice, Burton Upon Trent

Frank: “One of the things we wanted to do (as part of the LinkedIn training) was change our profile and make it much more detailed but also look at who we were connected to.

“I spent time going through those connections and looking at how we could involve those people in a small networking group that I’ve got going.

“I actually went through those contacts individually, emailed them through LinkedIn to reintroduce myself and to tell them what I was doing and through that it generated a client for us who was probably worth around £15,000 over the next few years.

“That was someone who I’d known and been connected to for a bit on LinkedIn and his comment was “I was just thinking about contacting you and then your message came through on LinkedIn and here we are and yes I really want to do business with you.” So I’m pleased with what we got out of the LinkedIn training that we did.”

Want to know how you can generate £15,000 and more from LinkedIn? Then contact us by clicking here.

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Social media training – 8 questions to ask before you do it.

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Social media training – 8 questions to ask before you do it.

Social media training high up on your agenda? Want to learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Google+ for your business?

There are a myriad of people and organisations out there offering social media training but how do you know which one to go for? Here are 8 questions to ask about your social media trainer before booking:

Social media coursesWhat is their knowledge based on? Trainers with real-world experience are the best. They are not just talking about the theory behind social media; they have actually ‘lived’ it. Has your social media trainer successfully managed other businesses’ accounts themselves, with proven return on investment (ROI)? And by ROI, we don’t mean increasing likes or followers. Anyone can do that.

Social media courses in DerbyHow practical is their training? You don’t want your money or time to be wasted on padding. Spending the first half an hour talking about the history of social media is not time well-spent. Neither is waffling about social media theory. What you want is practical tips and examples of how you can put your social media training into practice for your business as soon as you leave the workshop.

Status Social social mediaCan they show their training works? It’s easy to provide a few testimonies on a website about how people enjoyed the workshop but can the trainers give you case studies, or even better, the phone numbers of delegates who have turned their training into increased profits?

Social media workshopsIs the training pitched at my level? If you are an absolute beginner, you want it to start with the basics, but don’t be fooled into thinking that’s the most important thing. Your social media training still needs to be strategic and practical. If you are experienced at using social media, then it’s worth finding out whether the content is right for you too. Ask the social media trainer what you will gain from the course.

Social media courses in SheffieldWill the training be long enough for me? If you really want to learn how to use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter effectively for your business then don’t expect to learn about all three during a course lasting a morning. A social media course which fits the criteria in this post should last a minimum of three hours to truly have the ability to have an impact on your business. And don’t be afraid to ask about a longer course if you want more in-depth training.

Social media courses NottinghamWho else will be there? If you want social media training tailored to your business a bespoke workshop would clearly be best. But if you would prefer to learn with other business people then it’s worth asking how many will be in the social media training with you. Half a dozen would be ideal, ten or under would be acceptable, more than ten should ring alarm bells. The more people there are, the less chance of having your questions answered and the workshop meeting your needs.

Social media training DerbyWill the training be strategic? It’s very easy to go away from social media training and do nothing with what you’ve learned. Without knowing why you’re using social media, who the target audience is, how to measure the results, how you’re going to turn your social media activity into ROI, there is a strong likelihood your social media marketing will fail.

Social media training NottinghamWill there be wi-fi at the training venue? Is this really so important? Well, it’s a warning sign that if there is no wi-fi your training may end up being death by PowerPoint. We know that presentations can be done well but social media training is so much better if it can be personalised to you. With wi-fi, or a live workshop, it’s much easier to show your Facebook page or LinkedIn profile and talk about it during the workshop. Plus, you can be shown how to do something in real time.

Ask the above questions and if you don’t get the answers you like then shop around. There are enough social media trainers out there – you just need to ensure you find a good one!

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Social media training: celebrating 1000 trainees!

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Social media training: celebrating 1000 trainees!

We are celebrating training 1000 business people in social media at Status Social today!

Derby Theatre staff (pictured is Sarah Cockburn and Sarah Brigham about to get stuck in), who underwent a social media strategy workshop, tucked into our giant celebratory cupcake after helping to reach that meteoric number.

Since our formation in January 2011, Status Social have trained people how to use social media to increase their business’ profits from across the UK, Europe and as far away as Russia and the United States.
Director Mark Saxby said it’s been a year of increased demand and growth for the business:

“We’ve seen an upsurge in businesses booking us for training this year. Many are realising they’ve been running their social media platforms for a couple of years without much success. 2014 has been a time when many are deciding it’s time to use social media properly and get some proper training from a social media company with a great track record.”

As well as training in social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and blogging, Status Social also manages the social media accounts for businesses – with return-on-investment at the heart of everything we do.

Give us a call on 01332 776910 for a free consultation about how we may be able to help your business.

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